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Catherine Thompson is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. Before joining TPM, she worked as a research assistant to investigative reporter Wayne Barrett. She is a graduate of New York University, where she served as the deputy managing editor of NYU's student newspaper, the Washington Square News. She can be reached at catherine@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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The White House released a statement Tuesday night denying reports that the United States would suspend all military aid to Egypt.

"The reports that we are halting all military assistance to Egypt are false," National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in a statement.

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President Barack Obama on Tuesday said that raising the debt ceiling would not add to the nation's debt.

"We have been hearing that from some Republicans in Congress that default would not be a big deal," Obama said at a press conference from the White House. "So let me explain this. If Congress refuses to raise what's called the debt ceiling, America would not be able to meet all of our financial obligations for the first time in 225 years. And because it's called raising the debt ceiling, I think a lot of Americans think it's raising our debt. It is not raising our debt. It does not add a dime to our debt."

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Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) on Tuesday said that delaying Obamacare for individuals and families is a "small ask" and seemed to count the president enrolling in the health care law's exchanges as a demand in resolving the budget battle.

"You're well aware that all we've asked for is that the president and the administration join us in Obamacare, the American people and Congress, and that individuals and families be treated just like big business," Duffy told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. "That's what they're holding out for."

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) encouraged fellow members of Congress to support a so-called "clean" spending bill that does not delay or defund Obamacare in an op-ed published Tuesday in the Denver Post.

From the op-ed

I have done my best to delay, defund and dismantle all or parts of Obamacare because I believe that much of it will be harmful to this country in the long run. Lost in the shutdown coverage, the problems with the new Obamacare exchanges are a major cause for concern. However, the debate over attaching Obamacare to a spending bill must end and I will argue before my colleagues in the House that we need to pass a "clean" spending bill to immediately reopen the government. Reducing spending remains my top concern. That's why I believe this funding resolution should stay within the spending caps that both parties agreed to last time the nation's debt limit was increased in 2011.

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Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) on Monday said Democrats have no evidence that a no-strings-attached spending bill would pass the House. 

CNN's Anderson Cooper pressed Labrador to explain why a so-called "clean" continuing resolution to fund the government shouldn't immediately be brought to a vote.

"You know, we could bring it to a vote and it would lose," Labrador said on "AC360." "And this is a beautiful talking point that the Democrats have, because it is something they have no evidence that there is anybody willing to vote for this bill."

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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Monday accused the Obama administration and the Treasury Department of "scare-mongering" by warning of the potential catastrophic consequences of a default on the nation's economy.

"The Treasury Department, I think the Secretary of the Treasury, I think the President of the United States ought to be trying to calm the markets, rather than scare them," Johnson said in an interview with Salon. "The President really ought to be leading here. And they really ought to be passing something like the Full Faith and Credit act, or a no-default bill which would guarantee the prioritization of tax revenue coming in and spending to ensure that we don’t default. There is absolutely no reason at all for this type of government to default even if we don’t increase the debt ceiling. So I think it’s highly irresponsible of this Administration to be doing the type of scare-mongering they’re doing on this issue." 

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) late Monday reversed her administration's directive to not issue welfare checks due to the government shutdown, the Arizona Republic reported.

The state's Department of Economic Security said last week that about 5,200 eligible low-income families with children would not receive payments under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Arizona appeared to be the only state to halt payments during the shutdown.

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