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Catherine Thompson is a news writer for Talking Points Memo. Before joining TPM, she worked as a research assistant to investigative reporter Wayne Barrett and interned at The L Magazine. At New York University she served as the deputy managing editor of NYU's student newspaper, The Washington Square News. She can be reached at catherine@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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The Republican National Committee announced Monday that it has hired "Hispanic engagement staff" in seven states to improve the party's outreach to Latino voters.

“Today’s announcement is unprecedented,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a release. “This off-cycle effort will ensure our message of ‘opportunity for all’ reaches voters. We are building a ground game that will allow us to compete for every voter and will outlast any one cycle or campaign. I’m certain with these early and unprecedented investments we can achieve Republican victories up and down the ballot now and for years to come.”

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Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) argued Monday that the notion the United States will default if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling is pure "rumor."

"Look, the debt ceiling and the [continuing resolution] are the same thing," Coburn said on "CBS This Morning." "There is no such thing as a debt ceiling in this country because it's never been not increased and that's why we're $17 trillion in debt."

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is confident that a Democrat will win the 2016 presidential election.

“I think it’s going to be another Democratic president” after Barack Obama, Ginsburg told the Washington Post in an interview published this weekend. “The Democrats do fine in presidential elections; their problem is they can’t get out the vote in the midterm elections.”

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Organizers are renewing an effort to recall state Sen. Evie Hudak (D) after the successful recall of two state senators who supported stricter gun control measures, the Denver Post reported Monday.

The "Recall Hudak, Too" recall effort was certified to begin gathering signatures on Friday, according to the newspaper, and must rack up 18,900 valid signatures within 60 days to put the matter to the ballot. 

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Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on Sunday placed responsibility for the government shutdown on his own party. 

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," King disagreed with colleague Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) on the GOP's strategy to link Obamacare to a continuing resolution to fund the government. 

“I’m talking about Ted Cruz, who basically was saying that if he defunded Obamacare he could manage to both keep the government open and defund Obamacare,” King said. “The fact is, it was done in the House, and the government is now closed and Obamacare is going forward. This was a strategy that never could have worked." 

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The woman who was shot dead by police after trying to breach a barrier outside the White House and lead a car chase near the U.S. Capitol believed President Barack Obama was electronically monitoring her, ABC News reported Friday.

Anonymous sources told ABC News that suspect Miriam Carey, 34, thought the president was electronically monitoring her Stamford, Conn. home to broadcast her life on television. Carey also believed she was the "prophet of Stamford" with the ability to communicate with Obama, the sources said.

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A California school apologized Thursday to a student whom administrators forced to remove a National Rifle Association T-shirt she wore to class, the Los Angeles Times reported.

School officials at Canyon High in Anaheim told the girl, 16, that she would face disciplinary action if she didn't remove the shirt. The girl's parents told the Times that their daughter had put on the shirt, which her father received when he joined the NRA, in her hurry to find something to wear before school.

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A discussion between Fox News host Sean Hannity and Reps. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) on employer contributions to congressional staff's health care plans quickly devolved into a shouting match Thursday.

Pascrell argued that members of Congress don't get a special subsidy, comparing the employer contribution to congressional staff's health care plans to contributions given to employees of other companies and federal agencies. Salmon then said he had given up his employer contribution because he thinks Congress should "live under the same laws every American does." 

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