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Pundits argued about whether Donald Trump or Fox News had the upper hand in the aftermath of the first GOP debate in which anchor Megyn Kelly famously asked the unapologetic billionaire about his history of making derogatory comments about women.

But longtime Trump friend and former adviser Roger Stone told TPM as part of a wide-ranging interview set to be published Wednesday that both the conservative news channel and the GOP frontrunner emerged from the "food fight" on stronger footing.

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Convicted Virginia ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) may remain free while the Supreme Court mulls whether to take up his appeal.

The Court on Monday overturned a lower court's rejection of McDonnell's request to stay out from behind bars pending his appeal of federal corruption convictions, according to the Associated Press. It's a win for the former governor, who otherwise would have had to report to prison to begin serving a two year sentence.

The uproar over Hillary Clinton's exclusive use of a private email account to conduct business during her tenure at the State Department has taken so many twists and turns this summer that it's difficult to keep it all straight.

When it was first raised in March, the core issue with a government official's use of a private email account appeared to be compliance with federal records laws. Mounting questions from the media eventually forced Clinton to address her private email use at a press conference and her campaign to release a nine-page explainer on her handling of the email account's contents.

The issue appeared to lie dormant for the spring, but it came roaring back in the press by the end of July, when focus shifted to whether sensitive information was mishandled via the private account. Now, it's not just pundits, but also fellow Democrats who openly wonder whether the email imbroglio will derail the party frontrunner's presidential campaign.

Here's a detailed guide tracing back the news reports, government inquiries and Clinton camp statements that marked each step in the months-long email saga. This timeline is an updated version of one TPM published in March.

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