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Caitlin MacNeal is a News Writer based in Washington, D.C. Before joining TPM, Caitlin interned and wrote for the Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation and Slate. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is not a serious threat to Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) in the 2014 senate race because she is so "disconnected" from the state, the incumbent told the Huffington Post in an interview published Monday.

"She would be a formidable opponent in the Republican [primary], but I have no worry or fear of her," Begich told the Huffington Post. "I think she is so disconnected from Alaska now that I'm not sure she even knows what's going on."

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Fort Lee, N.J. Mayor Mark Sokolich on Sunday said that he still believes New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie when he said he had no involvement in closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge last year.

"I take him at his word," he said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "There's just a lot of stuff out there, though."

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The New Jersey assembly member who has been leading the legislature's investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closures, John Wisniewski (D) on Sunday said it was "unbelievable" that Gov. Chris Christie (R) did not know about his aides' plans.

"This senior aide, who was with him that day, who sent the order, never once communicated with him? It's unbelievable," Wisniewski said on CBS' "Face the Nation," referring to Bridget Kelly, Christie's former chief of staff.

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) on Sunday compared the controversy surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge lane closures last year to the IRS scandal and Benghazi when defending the governor.

"The reality is, things go wrong in an administration. And frankly, you know, he was in campaign-mode at the time, during campaign-mode you miss a lot of things. You're not paying as much attention," he said on ABC's "This Week." "We see that with Benghazi."

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Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates on Sunday defended his new memoir, for which he has been criticized for using the book to expose how President Obama and others approached foreign policy and military action.

"I think that it's an honest account," Gates said on "CBS Sunday Morning." "People gave me a lot of credit when I was in office of being blunt and candid about what I felt about things. I could hardly be any less in writing the book."

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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Sunday said that if he were former Defense Secretary Bob Gates, who recently published a new memoir, he would have not have published the book right now.

"I would have waited," McCain said on CNN's "State of the Union" when asked if it was an appropriate time for Gates to reveal that both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opposed the surge in Iraq for "political" reasons.

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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Sunday said he thought New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has done an excellent job addressing the controversy over lane closures on the George Washington Bridge last year.

"I thought he did an excellent job," McCain said on CNN's "State of the Union" about Christie's performance at his Thursday press conference. "I think that he can now move on as long as another shoe doesn't drop."

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