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Caitlin MacNeal is a News Writer based in Washington, D.C. Before joining TPM, Caitlin interned and wrote for the Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation and Slate. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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Following attacks on her during the last Republican presidential debate, Hillary Clinton sent a copy of her book, "Hard Choices," to all of the Republican presidential candidates except former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore.

"I’m trying to be a good fellow candidate and give them some help," Clinton said on Tuesday at a rally in Iowa about her decision to send the book to her rivals, according to Politico.

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During an interview on ABC's "The View" on Tuesday, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Ben Carson to explain his recent comment that "Hitler" could "happen here" in the United States.

Carson first noted that he used Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as an example to get a rise out of liberals.

"I purposely said that because I knew the left wing would go crazy: 'He said Hitler!'" he said on "The View" before explaining his comment.

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Workers finally removed the Ten Commandments monument from the Oklahoma capitol grounds late Monday night after the state Supreme Court ruled in June that the state must get rid of the monument.

The monument was removed late at night in order to limit disruptions to employees at the state capitol and to keep protesters from interfering with the removal process, according to the Associated Press. The capitol also erected barricades earlier on Monday to protect the monument before its removal.

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After his controversial comments about the Benghazi committee, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Tuesday issued a new statement clarifying that the committee was formed to find the facts. His press release came after Hillary Clinton's campaign released an ad Monday night slamming Republicans for using the investigation to attack her politically.

"The mission of the Select Committee on Benghazi is to find the truth -- Period," McCarthy said in the statement. "The integrity of Chairman Gowdy, the Committee and the work they've accomplished is beyond reproach. The serious questions Secretary Clinton faces are due entirely to her own decision to put classified information at risk and endanger our national security."

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Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson used to support certain gun control measures, like bans on assault weapons and armor-piercing bullets, but said he felt differently after reading about tyranny.

"Reading people like Daniel Webster, who talked about tyranny in Europe and said it would never occur in America because the American people were armed," Carson told USA Today in an interview published on Tuesday morning. "When you look at tyranny and how it occurs, the pattern is so consistent: Get rid of the guns for the people first so you can go in and dominate them."

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Former Republican presidential candidate and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman on Monday took a hit at Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the House Oversight Committee chairman who recently announced that he will run for speaker against House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has leveraged House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) recent comments about the Select Committee on Benghazi into a television ad attacking Republicans.

A 30-second ad released by the campaign on Monday night begins by saying, "The Republicans finally admit it."

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Erick Erickson will transition out as editor of RedState, the conservative website he founded, and has named Leon Wolf, a writer for the site, as managing editor of RedState, the Huffington Post reported on Monday.

Erickson's departure comes after RedState was acquired by Salem Communications, a group that manages conservative talk radio shows and owns media entities like Twitchy. As the Huffington Post noted, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in August that Erickson may leave RedState to focus on his radio work with Salem's competitor, Cox Radio Group.

The Huffington Post obtained a memo from Jonathan Garthwaite, vice president and general manager of Townhall Media, a conservative site owned by Salem.

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Noting House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) comment last week about the Benghazi committee's political success, Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Monday circumvented Republicans on the panel to release details from one of the committee's private interviews with a former aide to Hillary Clinton.

"On September 29, 2015, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy admitted during a nationally televised interview on Fox News that House Republicans created the Benghazi Select Committee from the very beginning to wage a taxpayer-funded political campaign against Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. Obviously, this is an unethical abuse of millions of taxpayer dollars and a crass assault on the memories of the four Americans who were killed in Benghazi," the Democrats began in a letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the chairman of the select committee, referencing the majority leader's statements last week.

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