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Caitlin MacNeal is a News Writer based in Washington, D.C. Before joining TPM, Caitlin interned and wrote for the Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation and Slate. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was confronted with hundreds of people at a town hall outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Thursday night, where the crowd jeered at the congressman and grilled him on investigating President Donald Trump.

The audience filled almost all of the 1,000 seats in the Brighton High School auditorium, and a crowd of about 1,500 people stood outside the event, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

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White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said on Thursday evening that President Donald Trump is still behind her "100 percent" following an interview during which she openly promoted Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Thursday that Conway had been "counseled" about the incident, and when asked about it by Fox News' Martha MacCallum on Thursday evening, Conway declined to elaborate.

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During a phone call on Thursday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Donald Trump said that he would honor the "one China" policy despite Trump's impromptu call with the leader of Taiwan shortly after the election.

"President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping of China had a lengthy telephone conversation on Thursday evening. The two leaders discussed numerous topics and President Trump agreed, at the request of President Xi, to honor our 'one China' policy," the White House said in a statement on the call. "Representatives of the United States and China will engage in discussions and negotiations on various issues of mutual interest."

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When President Donald Trump jumped to his daughter's defense and bashed Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump's clothing line, his tweet amounted to a misuse of office, ethics experts told TPM.

Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, told TPM that Trump's tweet "is the cleanest example where there’s no question that he has brought the government weight to bear on a private business interest."

"This was a clear example of him crossing the line where he used the power of the White House to basically defend a business his family owns, and that is wrong," Noble said.

The move could open Trump up to legal action, the experts said. And by jumping to Trump's defense and promoting Ivanka Trump's line in a Fox News appearance Thursday morning, Kellyanne Conway likely broke a federal ethics regulation herself.

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The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) on Thursday filed a complaint with the Office of Government Ethics and the White House Counsel’s Office charging that Kellyanne Conway broke the law by urging Fox News viewers to buy Ivanka Trump products.

“The law is clear that public officials should not use their offices for their own private gain or the private gain of others,” CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement announcing the complaint. “It’s hard to find a clearer case of that kind of misuse of office than we saw today.”

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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday that he and White House adviser Steve Bannon have their differences, but Ryan insisted that they are united behind a common goal.

During an interview for "NewsHour," PBS' Judy Woodruff noted that Breitbart, the right wing website that Bannon used to lead, opposed Ryan in his last Republican primary. Woodruff asked Ryan about his relationship with Bannon.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) does not have a problem with Senate Republicans move to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for calling attention to Jeff Sessions' civil rights record on the Senate floor.

"The bottom line is, it was long overdue with her," Graham said the Mike Gallagher Show on Wednesday, according to a clip highlighted by CNN. "I mean, she is clearly running for the nomination in 2020."

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday dismissed Democrats' concerns about attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-AL) record on civil rights by arguing that it was Democrats who promoted Jim Crow laws and formed the Ku Klux Klan.

The Texas senator was responding to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) speech on the Senate floor Tuesday night opposing Sessions.

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