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After he spent the weekend attacking Fox News host Megyn Kelly for the questions she posed at the Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump on Monday said that he has since spoken to Fox News president Roger Ailes.

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After repeatedly going after Fox News host Megyn Kelly for the questions she posed during the Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump on Monday morning refused to say whether he has been in contact with anyone at Fox News over the weekend.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough asked Trump over the phone whether the real estate mogul has made any attempt to repair his relationship with Fox News.

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly defended herself from criticism of her performance at the Republican presidential debate, insisting that she was not trying to attack the candidates personally.

"We were trying to drill down to their most vulnerable areas and then give them a chance to explain them. And also give the audience a chance to see how they would handle that," Kelly said of her strategy in an interview with Fox News' "Mediabuzz" taped on Friday night before Donald Trump suggested that she had "blood coming out of her wherever."

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Donald Trump dug his heels in on Sunday, refusing to apologize to Fox News host Megyn Kelly after he said she "blood coming out of her wherever" during the GOP presidential debate on Thursday.

"I apologize when I'm wrong. But I haven't been wrong," Trump told NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, after insisting that he was suggesting that Kelly had blood coming out of her nose and ears.

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After Fox News host Megyn Kelly challenged numerous Republican presidential candidates on their conservative views during the Thursday night debate, not everyone at Fox News was pleased with her performance.

Todd Starnes, who hosts the "Fox News & Commentary" radio show, lashed out at Kelly on Twitter following a few questions she posed, which some may have considered "Megyn moments."

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After rejecting the suggestion that he supports exceptions for rape and incest in bans on abortion during the Thursday night Republican debate, Rubio on Friday morning reiterated that he does not support the exceptions.

"I think both of those instances are horrifying, and fortunately, they’re extremely rare. It happens, and any time it happens, it’s horrifying, it’s a tragedy," he told CNN's Chris Cuomo. "But I personally and honestly and deeply believe that all human life is worthy of protection, irrespective of the circumstances in which that human life was created. I personally believe that you do not correct one tragedy with another."

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After competing against each other in the B-listers' "happy hour" debate for the candidates who missed the cut for the main Fox News debate on Thursday night, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and former New York Gov. George Pataki.

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Following the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday night, Donald Trump lamented that the Fox News hosts were tough on him, especially Megyn Kelly.

"The questions to me were far tougher, and that I — supposedly, according to what everyone’s telling me, I won the debate, according to the call-ins and everything," he told reporters after the debate, according to Buzzfeed News. "But the questions to me were not nice, I didn’t think they were appropriate, and I think Megyn behaved very badly personally."

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