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Caitlin MacNeal is a News Writer based in Washington, D.C. Before joining TPM, Caitlin interned and wrote for the Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation and Slate. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) on Thursday introduced an amendment to keep the federal government from prohibiting the use of terms related to climate science, taking a subtle hit at the Florida government's alleged ban on employees using terms like "climate change."

"We have all read news reports — at the state level, at the local level, maybe even at the federal level — that indeed some folks are trying to muzzle scientists from speaking about the science involving the oceans, the atmosphere, climate, and the weather," Nelson said in a floor speech introducing the amendment, as highlighted by National Journal.

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Conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday said that President Obama is the "greatest threat" to Jews in Israel "since the 1930s."

"Barack Obama, as a result of this and the other things he’s doing, including arming up the Islamonazis in Tehran, is the greatest threat the Jews face — not in this country but in Israel — since the 1930s," he said on "The Mark Levin Show."

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President Obama recently interviewed HBO's "The Wire" creator David Simon about the show and Simon's view on how drugs impact cities like Baltimore.

"I’m a huge fan of ‘The Wire.’ I think it’s one of the greatest, not just television shows, but pieces of art in the last couple of decades," Obama began the interview published by the White House on Thursday.

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced on Friday that he will not seek re-election in 2016.

The New York Times first reported the news on Friday morning.

Reid told the Times that he had been considering retirement for a few months, and that neither his eye injury nor his new place in the Senate minority contributed to his decision.

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During an event held by Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) and Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) last weekend, a group of activists opposed to "amnesty" for undocumented immigrants interrupted the town hall with a chant shouting "USA!"

According to a video highlighted by Mediaite, the activists were unhappy that the event was held in Spanish, with an option to listen to an English translation on a headset, and that attendees had to submit questions ahead of time.

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Amid reports that Florida state officials have been banned from using the term "climate change," one South Florida official is continuing to push for the southern part of the state to secede over the state government's failure to recognize and address global warming.

"North Florida is completely indifferent, if not completely oblivious to it," South Miami Vice Mayor Walter Harris told TPM about rising sea levels impacting southern Florida.

The South Miami City Commission last week passed a resolution proposed by Harris pushing officials to look into secession. The resolution asks that the "Miami-Dade County League of Cities form a committee to investigate the possibility of the creation of South Florida as the 51st state."

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Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) would like to prevent Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) from sending any more letters to Iranian leaders about the nuclear deal, prompting her to file an amendment to block just that.

She introduced an amendment on Wednesday that would defund "the purchase of stationary or electronic devices for the purpose of members of Congress or congressional staff communicating with foreign governments and undermining the role of the President as Head of State in international nuclear negotiations on behalf of the United States," according to the Huffington Post.

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Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night said that the Army's decision to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion was an "acute embarrassment for President Obama."

O'Reilly, who questioned the prisoner swap that brought Bergdahl back to the U.S. after he was held by the Taliban for five years, warned viewers that the five Taliban members released will soon be "free to return to the Afghan battlefield and free to kill Americans if they can."

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After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) sent a letter to governors telling them not to comply with new climate change rules from the Environmental Protection agency, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) responded on Wednesday with a short letter calling out McConnell's climate change denial.

"I disagree. Climate change is real. It’s a threat to humanity. We should be working harder to address it, not rolling back efforts to do so," Shumlin wrote, according to a copy of the letter obtained by the Huffington Post. "I fully support the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan."

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