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Mideast scholar and professor Fawaz Gerges told TPM in an email on Friday that he had no problem with the idea that journalist Fareed Zakaria had "borrowed heavily" from his work while writing about world affairs.

Gerges made the statement following allegations earlier in the day that the journalist had plagiarized from him as part of a 2011 book, "The Post-American World: Release 2.0." The allegations were made by a pair of anonymous bloggers who this week have highlighted a total of 18 times that they contend Zakaria has plagiarized from others.

In his email, Gerges described the longstanding collegial relationship the two of them shared and emphasized he had given the journalist consent to cite him in Zakaria's writings.

From Gerges' email to TPM:

Over the last 13 years Mr. Zakaria and myself have often brainstormed about the jihadist phenomenon. We have talked at length about the drivers and motivation behind al-Qaeda and its affiliates. Time and again, he has highlighted my scholarship and I have never felt that he has short-changed me. I have given my consent to Mr. Zakaria to cite me.

I did read his book a while back and I feel delighted that he has borrowed heavily from my work.

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A think tank whose official Twitter account told Amnesty International to "suck it" early Tuesday has blamed the lewd tweet on an intern.

A spokesman for the Center for Strategic and International Studies told TPM on Tuesday by email that he was "embarrassed about this unfortunate situation" and was working to reach out to Amnesty International with a more thorough apology.

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