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Appearing on Fox News, Karl Rove weighed in on Gov. Rick Perry’s debate performance.

“Governor Perry didn’t break through last night. He’s had a so-so performance,” the conservative strategist and commentator said.

In a special editorial published by The Weekly Standard, editor Bill Kristol called Gov. Rick Perry’s performance “close to disqualifying,” and stated that “no front-runner in a presidential field has ever, we imagine, had as weak a showing as Rick Perry.”

He went on to quote an email received from a young conservative during the broadcast. “I’m watching my first GOP debate,” the viewer said. “And WE SOUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!”

The title of the editorial? “Yikes.”

GOP Presidential Rick Santorum said after the Fox News/Google Republican debate last night that he didn’t hear anything from the crowd after a video question from a gay soldier on the repeal of DADT. Huffington Post grabbed the quote: “I didn’t hear the boos so I can’t make anything from something I didn’t hear.” Santorum said.

A British attorney, who represented the family of a murder victim whose phone was hacked by News Of The World journalists, says he is teaming up with a lawyer in the U.S. to begin legal proceedings against the Murdochs and News Corporation.

In a post on RedState, Erick Erickson calls last night’s GOP debate the “worst debate…I’ve ever watched.”

"Rick Perry was a train wreck in this debate. He flubbed his response on Romney flip-flopping. he got the first question tonight and stumbled. Good grief.

Romney did so much better than Perry. So much better."

Erickson concludes that Cain, not Romney, won the debate by providing the most memorable lines.

In a post on her blog today, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin calls Gov. Rick Perry’s misfired attack on Romney’s flip-flopping the most cringe-worthy moment of last night’s debate.

Referring to Perry’s mangled attempt at uttering his attack, Malkin wrote: “Perry said he’s in favor of making English the official language of the U.S. Perhaps he should concentrate on mastering it before the next debate.”

In an opinion piece published on, National Review Editor Rich Lowry bashes Gov. Rick Perry’s performance in last night’s debate and notes the huge advantage that challenger Mitt Romney seems to have in verbal acuity.

“It’s become clear that Romney has an advantage over Perry in these forums simply because he’s more articulate, detailed and authoritative-sounding in his answers; he’s like a boxer with a reach advantage,” Lowry writes.

Lowry concludes with a dire warning for the Perry campaign. “A few weeks ago, the question was how far and fast he would ascend; now, after his third debate, it’s how much he’ll drop.”

Fox News contributor and former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush tweeted her thoughts on Gov. Rick Perry after last night’s debate.

“This was like a 3rd date with Perry – where you decide if you’ll go on a 4th…would you?”

Clearly, Dana knows how to play hard to get, and Perry needs to polish his debate performance in order to convince the mainstream GOP that he’s the man they want to commit to watching Fox & Friends reruns with.

Speaking at the CPAC conference in Florida on Friday morning, former Speaker Newt Gingrich laid out an exciting new feature for his website to be launched in the next few weeks.

Starting soon, Americans will be able to “actually go to and suggest your own executive orders.”