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Check out this new Web ad from Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ), which attacks his Republican opponent Chris Christie for discussing a possible gubernatorial bid with none other than Karl Rove when Christie was a U.S. Attorney:

This is now just a Web ad -- but don't be surprised if Rove shows up in a TV ad some time in the future, with the same or similar scary music.

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) acknowledged the impact of his recent scandals today in an interview with a local radio station. "I am dead politically," he told WVOC in Columbia. "I am not running for another office."

Earlier this summer, Sanford admitted to an affair with an Argentinian woman after he went missing for several days. More recently, he has come under fire after an AP investigation found that the governor has used state aircraft multiple times for personal and family trips.

Sanford also commented on last week's news that wife Jenny and their four children moved out of the governor's mansion. "That part's hard," he said. "That's probably the most bitter part of it. But there are consequences for any mess-up that we have in life, and that's one of them." The decision for Jenny and the four Sanford boys to move to Charleston apparently had to do with both the beginning of the school year and also because "they deserve to be out of the fishbowl they've been in."

"I fell in love with one woman I should not have fallen in love with," he continued. "We all get that. Everybody's been trying to move on."

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) continued the thoroughly debunked right wing euthanasia/death panel meme today, telling a town hall crowd, "You have every right to fear....a government run plan to decide when to pull the plug on Grandma."

He also said, "There are some people who think it is a terrible problem that Grandma is laying in a bed with tubes in her... and that the government should intervene. I think that's a family or religious thing that needs to be dealt with."

Grassley is the latest republican to jump on the euthanasia bandwagon. Today, Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele said Sarah Palin's "death panel" comment was "perfectly appropriate" given the "life-and-death decisions" the government would make under a health care reform bill.

With the specter of universal health care Nazism being raised--with the approval of members of the Republican party--by conservative activists across the country, it's worth remembering that Republicans tend to go positively bananas whenever they perceive liberals or Democrats to be even tiptoeing toward similar rhetoric.

So in that spirit it's only fair to point out that, of the 218 Republican members of the House and Senate, about four appear unwilling to silently assent to the shenanigans of the right fringe of their party.

Earlier today, I cited the peculiar cases of Sens. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). As a sponsor of legislation that would have expanded Medicare's coverage of end-of-life counseling, Isakson described as "crazy" the Palinesque assertion that an end-of-life counseling session amounts to the convening of a death panel. And as a disgruntled official serving the state Palin recently abandoned as governor, Murkowski called the death panel notion 'offensive.'

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RNC Chairman Michael Steele just appeared on the Neil Cavuto show, where he endorsed Sarah Palin's accusation that President Obama will set up "death panels" to decide who is worthy or not of medical care.

"Well I think it's proper," said Steele, when Cavuto asked him about Palin's remarks, "because it's in the context of what people are seeing in some of the legislation that's floating around out there. When you're talking about panels that are gonna be imposed, that will be making life-and-death decisions, that will be making decisions about whether or not you get health care or don't receive health care, I think that's perfectly appropriate."

Now how you characterize it is a matter of interpretation," he then added, "but it doesn't change the fact that buried within a lot of this legislation is stuff that's fairly onerous."

As an example of another onerous provision, he said that the government will have access to people's financial information. For more information on this other right-wing talking point, check out Zack Roth's debunking of it.

Rep. David Scott (D-GA) just appeared on CNN, discussing the swastika that was recently painted on his district office. And he also shared some very disturbing hate mail that he said he'd received lately -- before the swastika incident.

Scott showed a letter similar to one received by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), showing the President Obam-as-Joker picture with the message, "Death to all Marxists! Foreign and Domestic!" The letter contained a message for Scott, who is black: "To: NIGGA DAVID SCOTT / You were / You are / And / You shall forever be a nigga!" It added, "The Ethiopian cannot make himself white."

Another letter said that Scott will go down in defeat at the next election, "and any of your colored constituents ain't gonna stop it. The folks are not going to stand for socialized medicine, even though most negroes refuse to stand on their own two feet."

"But we have to understand is," Scott said, "we can't let these kinds of racist things, or that swastika, win this debate. And that is not gonna happen."

Rep. John Mica (R-FL) is soldiering on with the right wing claims that health care reform legislation would include provisions for "death counselors."

Mica told a local radio station, "There are death counselors. There is authorization for reimbursement for those counselors for Medicare. You have a whole new cottage industry."

Mica is presumably referring to a provision in the House bill which would allow Medicare to reimburse doctors for counseling sessions in which they discuss end of life care, living wills and the like with patients.

Some more details have emerged from the arrest of 62-year old Richard Terry Young, who was found with a gun concealed in his pickup truck near the site of President Obama's visit yesterday to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that Young, who was arrested several hours before Obama arrived, was initially detained for sneaking past the security perimeter. A search of his car found a .380 Kel Tec semi-automatic, hidden in a bag and with a round in the chamber. He was arrested on a charge of having a concealed weapon without a license.

That particular model of gun can be easily concealed, said arresting Officer Detective Lt. Corey MacDonald. "It can fit in the palm of my hand," said MacDonald, who added that the situation of the arrest "would have been very different if it was on his person."

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Today, President Obama awarded the late Harvey Milk the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. He said Milk's "message of hope, hope unashamed, hope unafraid, could not ever be silenced."

Here are his full remarks:

His name was Harvey Milk. And he was here to recruit us, all of us, to join a movement and change a nation. For much of his early life he had silenced himself. In the prime of his life he was silenced by the act of another. But in the brief time in which he spoke and ran and led, his voice stirred the aspirations of millions of people. He would become, after several attempts, one of the first openly gay Americans elected to public office. And his message of hope, hope unashamed, hope unafraid, could not ever be silenced. It was Harvey who said it best: You gotta give 'em hope.