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Thailand has asked U.S. officials to survey the country’s floods, which have claimed more than 300 lives and are threatening the capital of Bangkok, the BBC reports.

See pictures of the country’s worst flooding in 50 years here.

If there's been one winner in the election cycle so far, it's the brains behind "Bad Lip Reading." They've created viral sensations by making Rick Perry look like he's saying "Save a pretzel for the gas jets," and have put the words "Your momma's pudgy; face it" in Mitt Romney's mouth.

But the consensus in the TPM office is that their latest one - on Herman Cain - is their best yet. Watch below:

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Jon Huntsman is laying it all on the line in New Hampshire, struggling to make any kind of move against Mitt Romney.

A new campaign web video release on Friday shows news clips of Mitt Romney, flip-flopping over the years on various issues: Abortion, gun control, the state of the economy, and whether he was in fact an independent or a Reagan-style Republican.

All along, the clips are split-screened with another bit of video: A wind-up toy gorilla that does backflips.

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Google has finally weighed in on the national debate over the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Specifically, Google's politics and elections team has chosen to compare the popularity of Google searches for "Occupy Wall Street" for those of the terms "Tea Party" and the number of news articles about the movements on Google News, to see which movement comes out on top online.

In the case of overall search keyword popularity, "Occupy Wall Street,"

As Google's Jake Parrillo wrote on the Google Politics and Elections blog on Thursday:

After spending many days in the top 20 terms on Google Trends, we agreed that it would be useful to examine the dynamics of search queries in America related to OWS.
Across the American political spectrum, we have another grassroots movement that we can use for comparison purposes: the [Tea Party]. Based on search patterns from Google users, Americans' interest in these two large groups is clear.

You already know that shining lasers into airplane cockpits is a bad idea. Now the Federal Aviation Administration wants your help investigating laser incidents with a new Web site.

The site offers ways for pilots, air traffic controllers and members of the public to submit reports about laser incidents. It also provides detailed information about what is becoming a widespread problem.

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The nation's two major political parties may not agree about much of anything these days, but legislators from both parties do agree on one thing: Online Piracy Is Bad. And the government needs to have more power to be able to crack down on it.

So they're working on legislation to officially sanction the civil forfeiture of domain names of web sites that law enforcement authorities suspect are helping people to easily access counterfeit goods and pirated content. The legislation would also require "service providers" to the operators of the suspect web sites to cut off service, just as Mastercard and Visa did to Wikileaks.

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October 28, 2011: The day the muffin myth died.

The $16 muffin myth, 38 days old, had a short but eventful life. Conceived by mistake due to a misreading of incomplete expenditure information from an August 2009 conference at the Capital Hilton in D.C., the $16 muffin was born in a Justice Department Inspector General report on September 20, 2011.

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Today, the media decided that Mitt Romney has flipped on climate change. Unfortunately, everyone failed to notice that he started this process two months ago.

"Mitt Romney Embraces Climate Denial," reads a Huffington Post headline from Friday afternoon. The article is based on a ThinkProgress video of the candidate speaking at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

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