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Officials at the White House and the Department of Energy were deeply divided over the financial viability of the now-bankrupt solar panel-maker Solyndra as they worked together on DOE's loan guarantee program, and on planning President Obama's visit to the company in 2010, according to a Democratic House subcommittee memo released Monday that summarizes the findings of a document dump from the White House Office of Management and Budget on the matter.

The memo was authored by the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations' Democratic staff and sent out to all of the subcommittees' Democratic members, giving them a characterization of the nature of the conversation between OMB and DOE officials as they continued to monitor Solyndra's progress and debated the future of the DOE's loan guarantee program.

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Two more top aides to Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign have resigned, the AP reports. The aides departing the campaign are pollster Ed Goeas and senior adviser Andy Parrish.

Hours after President Obama insisted both the House and Senate vote on his entire jobs bill, a top Republican says that's not gonna happen.

Asked by a reporter for a yes or no answer, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says the jobs bill, taken as a whole, is kaput.

"The $447 billion jobs package as a package: dead?" the reporter asked.

"Yes," Cantor replied.

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In what could only be defined as a free fall for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, polling firm War Room Logistics released a new poll of Florida Republicans after Perry’s poor debate performance in Orlando last week. In short, he tanked.

Perry dropped from being tied with Romney at 25 percent apiece in a pre-debate poll from the same firm ten days ago to having 9 percent support from the the Florida GOP. Romney moved up slightly and Cain essentially took support from Perry on his way to second place.

In today’s Campaign In 100 Seconds, TPM’s Benjy Sarlin breaks down just how the former governor of Alaska threw it all away.


Progressives are hoping that if Republicans won't listen to President Obama on the Buffett Rule, then maybe they'll listen to President Reagan.

The Center for American Progress unearthed video of Reagan making the case in 1985 for closing tax loopholes on the rich in strikingly similar terms to Obama, even leading an audience to cheers over the idea to tax millionaires at the same rate as bus drivers. Obama is currently promoting a plan to reform the tax code in order to prevent a billionaire like Warren Buffett from paying less than their secretary.

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Two business magnates met in New York on Monday afternoon, as Herman Cain became the latest GOP candidate to press the flesh with Donald Trump.

Speaking to Fox News ahead of the meeting, Trump praised Cain, the former CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain. "I mean, Herman Cain started with very little and look where he's come and he's doing really well in the polls. I think he's done a really terrific job. I look forward to meeting him," he said. "He just seems like a really nice guy and a good character to me."

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The Occupy Wall Street protests have reached their third week in New York, but new demonstrations are popping up across the country in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, the AP reports.