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Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s sentencing continues Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. ET, when the embattled former politician is due in court.

The Republican field has frequently dinged President Obama for not authorizing covert attacks on Iran, despite enormous evidence that he almost certainly is. However, Santorum doubled down at a meeting today. He raised the recent mysterious explosion at an Iranian missile site, and said:

"I would like to think we had something to do with that, but given the Presdient's record with what he did on Osama bin Laden, and keeping secrets for more than 24 hours, I suspect we would already know if we had anything to do with that.

Newt Gingrich, newly ascendant in the polls, had a thing or two to say about his chief rival for the nomination, Mitt Romney, in an interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow on Tuesday night.

After deploying one of his trademark insults in regard to the manner of Kudlow’s questioning, Gingrich suggested it was his efforts in Congress that helped make Mitt Romney a multi-millionaire.


Rick Santorum is speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in Washington, DC. As part of his speech he attacked President Obama’s policy in the mideast, saying, “we see an Arab Spring that should have been a real Arab Spring starting in 2009 with the protests in Iran.”

For what it’s worth, Iran is a not an Arab country. However, taking the argument on its merits, America’s leverage was far less in Iran than it was in Egypt – to which it’s a major donor – or Libya, where it had authorization from the UN and the Arab League to help operate a military operation.

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition candidate forum in Washington Tuesday, Rick Santorum offered up the advice he said he gives to college students who are looking at world affairs.

“Take what Joe Biden thinks and then take the opposite opinion,” Santorum said.

Never mind Newt Gingrich. It's Democrats who have been giving Mitt Romney the most trouble lately.

The DNC and the Obama campaign have relentlessly harassed him for weeks, forcing him to battle two fronts as he struggles to secure the nomination. Their efforts have constituted a kind of trial run for the general election as they've ignored other Republican candidates and aimed their full fire on Romney.

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In his first American interview since Syria’s popular uprising, President Bashar al-Assad sat down with ABC’s Barbara Walters. Assad denied ordering a bloody crackdown on protesters. Walters mentioned graphic photos of detained and beaten citizens, but Assad called the criticism against him “false allegations” and “distortion of reality.”

Last week, the UN estimated the death toll in the Syrian uprising at 4,000. Watch Assad’s interview below:

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Eight months is a long time in politics, but it will be eight months ago next week that House Republicans voted overwhelmingly for a budget that envisioned a massively scaled-down social safety net -- a smaller, privatized health care system for old people, to replace traditional Medicare; Medicaid financially constrained, and handed over to state governments; cuts to various other support programs that benefit the poor, the young, and the elderly.

That didn't sit well with voters. And in the months that followed, Republicans tried to contain the fallout by making federal deficits a central political issue while forcing Democrats to agree to real cuts to these programs -- all while refusing themselves to raise taxes, even on the very wealthiest Americans.

This too didn't go according to plan. The GOP upheld its vow not to raise taxes; Democrats insisted new tax revenue was a criterion for cutting benefits; and Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security avoided the scalpel.

At least for now.

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The Hill asked Sen. John McCain on Tuesday if he will back a candidate in the GOP primary. McCain said, “Yeah, I think it would be several months later on.”

The Hill reports that sources close to McCain say he is likely to endorse Mitt Romney.