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Vice President Joe Biden got a bit testy with a reporter Wednesday, snapping “don’t screw around with me” after he was quesioned about his forceful rhetoric in favor of the Jobs Act. Biden has on several occasions suggested that because passing the bill could boost police numbers, it’s therefore dangerous to public safety to not pass the bill. These comments have been rather taken out of context by some prominent sites on the right and have morphed into something of a meme on the right, suggesting that Biden is implying not passing the bill will lead to an increase in rapes and murders.

Biden was questioned by Human Events reporter Jason Mattera, a conservative who says he specializes in “ambush interviews.”

The Romney campaign said it pulled a recent video attacking Perry as too slow to be president after CNN objected to its clips being used in it.

Romney spox Andrea Saul emails to Greg Sargent:

“While the use of the CNN clips was fully within our rights under the law, we respect and appreciate the role CNN has played as host in debates over the last several months. For this reason, we are honoring their request to remove the video.”