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Rick Perry was doing so well. After launching a presidential campaign, he quickly catapulted to frontrunner status. But, Jon Stewart said, that all changed once Perry started talking.

"Watching Governor Perry, you really do picture a squadron of tiny little men inside his head, running around frantically, trying to find the right paper, one of them knocks over the coffee on the control panel," Stewart said on Monday.

But people can recover from a poor debate performance, Stewart said. "It's not like those words are written in stone."

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When last we checked in on Meghan McCain's legal battle with conservative blog RedState, her lawyers were threatening the site over a parody of her columns by a user named "Totally Meghan McCain." RedState may have taken the posts down, but the author, Leon Wolf, is taking his act to Pajamas Media and calling out McCain for "bullying" in a letter to her attorney.

"My client will not be bullied out of exercising his First Amendment right to make clear his belief that your client is a spoiled, brainless twit who is cheapening the political discourse in this country," Wolf's attorney wrote. "Therefore, henceforth, the 'Totally Meghan McCain' series may be found at for your client's reading pleasure."

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Apple is currently unveiling its new mobile operating system, and one new announcements is the “Cards” app, which allows users to create and mail actual cards.

Ellie the Elephant is here to show our children just how exceptional their country really is. In "Sweet Land of Liberty," Callista Gingrich's latest children's book, Ellie learns about American history by traveling through time to relive some of our nations greatest historical moments.

Obviously, the Boston Tea Party is one such event.

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Again, in response to an inaudible question.

“We were in the midst of the reconsideration when we went to the Reagan Library.”

But he goes on to say that people know he won’t change his mind now, “because I said no.”

He notes he’s spoken to a lot of people this morning and explained the decision. “It just didn’t feel right to me, to leave before the job was done.”

Confirming the ABC/WaPo poll from early this morning, Quinnipiac University released some very similar national numbers on the GOP Presidential primary: former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney back in the lead, with businessman Herman Cain a surprising second.

Romney gets 22 percent, Cain 17 and former national frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry all the way down to third at 14 among the announced candidates. Quinnipiac also polled the race with NJ Gov. Chris Christie in the field, showing him in a first place tie with Romney at 17 percent each, Cain at 12 and Perry fourth at 10.

In response to an inaudible question, Christie says the following:

“You begin to lose your bearings a little bit, and people in New Jersey have gotten me back on course.”

Christie says he did think hard after the imprecations of donors from around the country, but “in the end I came back to the same place I’d been in all last year”: not running.