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Oh, wow. Last night, Anderson Cooper hosted none other than Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), the main propagator in Congress of the "terror babies" conspiracy theory -- an alleged diabolical 20- to 30-year plot by terrorists to have babies born in the United States, then taken abroad and trained as terrorists before eventually returning here as U.S. citizens (thanks to birthright citizenship) to commit heinous crimes.

Gohmert previously went to the House floor in June and warned about this evil plan, saying he had heard about it from an unnamed former FBI agent. Then on Wednesday night this week, Cooper hosted an actual former FBI official, who explained that there are no reports of this at all.

Cooper brought Gohmert on last night, and began by asking him whether he had even called the FBI agent. And from there, it turned into a nice one-way shouting match -- that is, Gohmert yelling at Cooper repeatedly. At one point Gohmert did admit that he did not check with the FBI itself: "No, I didn't talk to them, because the point is: when we did the research, we found the hole existed."

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Birther queen Orly Taitz has spent the better part of a year fighting a $20,000 fine slapped on her by a federal judge for filing frivilous birther lawsuits contesting President Obama's elibility to hold the office. A few weeks ago, she applied to the Supreme Court to reverse the fine.

When Justice Clarence Thomas denied her application, she vowed to apply to each of the other justices in turn. The next justice she applied to was Samuel Alito, who has now referred the matter to the to the entire court.

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Now this is interesting. During an interview just now on Lou Dobbs's radio show, Sharron Angle claimed that the polls currently have her ahead:

Dobbs: You're running a tight race right now. It seems like it bounces around, two or three points. Who's in the lead right now?

Angle: I believe I am, but you know, it's always a toss-up here in the state. Those snapshots in time, they take the polls, always have us running within the statistical margin of error, so it's always going to be very close. We know that, we've known that since this race began. We had a little honeymoon right at the beginning, but we knew that Harry Reid was gonna pull out every dirty trick in the book. He has been, and some of those I think were self-inflicted wounds now.

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Bill Binnie, who is running in the Republican primary for senator of New Hampshire, put up a web video on his campaign website yesterday, promising that, if elected, he will make sure "all immigrants learn English." After all, he says, it's the "language of America," and "it's the language of international commerce, science, and even the internet."

Apparently Binnie has never seen the video of the Russian Trololo guy.

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Missouri Senate candidate Robin Carnahan (D) slammed her opponent, Rep. Roy Blunt (R), in a new statewide television ad issued today over everything from banking deregulation to his leadership during the bailout negotiations in 2008 to the reported $1.6 million in contributions he took from Wall Street.

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Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach has been fighting for the right to stay in the Air Force for more than two years following a false criminal report that led to his outing. Yesterday, following reports that the Secretary of the Air Force was about to order his discharge, his lawyers filed for a temporary restraining order to keep him in the military until the courts have their say, or the Obama Administration gets around to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell.

So, how did a decorated combat aviator with 19 years in the Air Force end up riding a desk and hoping just to make it to his pension (for which he'd be eligible next year) instead of flying missions in one of his country's wars -- despite much-heralded changes to the military's enforcement policies?

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1||August 11, 2010: New York Democrat Charlie Rangel celebrates his 80th birthday at the Plaza Hotel, with cake, dancing, and few shows of concern for the ongoing investigation into whether he committed ethics violations. Here are some pictures from the event, which featured New York political stars like Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, David Paterson and oh so many more...||Newscom/UPI&&

2||Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rangel. ||Newscom/UPI&&

3||Democratic candidate for New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Rangel, and current New York Gov. David Paterson (D). ||Newscom/UPI&&

4||Rangel embraces Dionne Warwick, who performed a few songs at the party, including "That's What Friends Are For." ||Newscom/UPI&&

5||Rangel, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Paterson.||Newscom/SPN&&

6|| ||Newscom/SPN&&

7|| ||Newscom/SPN&&

8||Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)||Newscom/SPN&&

9||Videos from the event can be found here. ||Newscom/UPI&&

A federal judge in California today denied a motion to stay his ruling on Proposition 8, saying he will lift the temporary stay Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Judge Vaughn Walker ruled last week that Prop 8, which defined marriage in California as heterosexual, is unconstitutional. He issued a temporary stay -- meaning same-sex couples can't get married yet -- and today ruled that his stay will continue until next Wednesday.

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A new Rasmussen poll of the Colorado Senate race shows Republican nominee Ken Buck starting out the general election with a lead over Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

The numbers: Buck 46%, Bennet 41%. The survey of likely voters was conducted Wednesday, the day after Bennet and Buck each won their heated primaries, and has a ±4% margin of error. In the previous Rasmussen poll from two weeks ago, Buck led Bennet by 48%-42%.

The TPM Poll Average gives Buck a lead of 45.7%-42.8%.