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Mark Miner, Perry campaign spokesman to TPM: “Mitt Romney may have set a new record in the amount of time it has taken him to flip-flop on an issue. And it’s still early in the day.”

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Ken Blackwell, the former Republican Secretary of State of Ohio and one time candidate for Governor who lost against Democrat Ted Strickland in 2006, has endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for President.

“I am proud to endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president,” said Blackwell in a release from the Perry campaign. “Gov. Perry’s successful record of job creation shows that he has the skill, experience and ideas necessary to get our nation working again. His proven conservative values, and his proven executive experience are exactly what this country needs to reverse the failed policies of the Obama Administration.”

President Obama is speaking in Denver today, where he is expected to unveil plans to help students weighed down by student loans. Watch his speech live:

Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, has declared he is running for Congress. Again.

“Politicians keep playing politics with our lives. I’m sick and tired of it. I thought long and hard about running and why I would do it,” he declared. “I’m not the kind of plumber who uses duct tape.”

The announcement was made from a Hungarian restaurant in Toledo, Ohio.

Wurzelbacher said that he will be running as a Republican “but by God, that doesn’t encompass who I am, because I want to represent all Americans.”

Check out the video below.

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's non-endorsement of conservative efforts to defend SB 5 in Ohio, the anti-union law that supporters say is necessary to control the state budget, served as a way to rile his fellow Republicans and revived a classic anti-Romney charge. Conservatives went after him for being too soft on the issues and willing to change his views to fit the circumstances.

But was it smart politics?

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House Republicans are crowing about leading efforts to repeal an impending 3 percent withholding tax on government contractors as yet another way they're rolling back the regulatory burden on businesses to help spur economic growth and job creation.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) on Tuesday touted the withholding repeal, which the House plans to take up Thursday, and pressed President Obama to jump on the bandwagon.

"We're bringing up 3% withholding bill to help gov'ts & their contractors at all levels work in a more efficient way so prices don't go up," Cantor tweeted. "Hope the President will join us in supporting this because this is a provision in his bill & we have used a pay-for that he's embraced."

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Rush Limbaugh is nothing if not stubborn. He's now obstinately resisting an international outcry over his incendiary comments about Africa's Lord's Resistance Army.

This band of child-abductors, rapists and killers is acknowledged as bad news by pretty much everyone. Everyone, that is, except for Limbaugh, who took to the air shortly after President Obama announced he was dispatching 100 military advisers to help take them on.

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There is "ample circumstantial evidence" that the congressional and state representative redistricting maps signed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry had not only the effect but the intent of limiting the voting power of Hispanic voters, Justice Department lawyers said in a court filing late Tuesday.

DOJ is seeking to block the maps, filing to deny Texas' request for summary judgement in a case involving allegations that state officials tried to limit the voter power of Hispanic voters in violation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Federal lawyers contended in the newest filing that there is "ample circumstantial evidence of a discriminatory purpose with regard to both the State House and Congressional plans" and that in the new maps nearly half a million fewer Hispanics would live in districts where they would have the ability to elect a candidate of their choosing.

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