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Mitt Romney's career at Bain Capital buying up and restructuring companies -- sometimes with major job cuts along the way -- has been a glaring vulnerability since his earliest political runs. But it's rarely come up in his two presidential campaigns, where the GOP's investor-friendly ethos has made rivals hesitant to use it against him. Until now, that is.

Newt Gingrich got the toughest shot in on Monday, suggesting that Romney's time at Bain showed he was heartless and out of touch with the average American.

"I would just say that if Gov. Romney would like to give back all of the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees over his years at Bain, that I would be glad to listen to him," Gingrich told reporters.

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A newly released poll commissioned by Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) Democratic opponent, Kenosha County Supervisor Rob Zerban, makes an astonishing claim: That he is in striking distance of Ryan, the House Republican star and architect of their proposals to privatize Medicare.

The poll was conducted by the Democratic firm Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, from back in October 27 through November 2, and has a ±4.9% margin of error. When asked by TPM why the campaign waited so long to release the numbers, an adviser to Zerban told us: "We knew that Paul Ryan's extreme economic agenda to end Medicare and give another big tax cut to Wall Street bankers was going to be the same today as it was last week."

It finds that the district has become split down the middle politically. President Obama's favorability rating is tied at 48%-48%, while Gov. Scott Walker's is similarly at 48%-49%. Meanwhile, Congress's institutional approval is only 19%, with 74% disapproval.

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Asked on PBS News Hour about Newt Gingrich’s comments that Palestinians are an ‘invented people,’ Hillary Clinton answered that they were not helpful: “No. No. And i think he recognized that from what I read. I think he realized that was, you know, one of those ‘innovative’ moments that happens in politics.”

The commander-in-chief elects not to commit an act of war in order to destroy sensitive American military technology before it can fall into Iranian hands. Prudent presidential decision-making, or total wuss move?

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From the New York Times:

Mitt Romney is sharpening his warning to Republicans about the consequences of nominating Newt Gingrich, declaring in an interview on Wednesday: “Zany is not what we need in a president.” … “Zany is great in a campaign. It’s great on talk radio. It’s great in print, it makes for fun reading,” Mr. Romney told The New York Times. “But in terms of a president, we need a leader, and a leader needs to be someone who can bring Americans together.”


Donald Trump is a great friend to Stephen Colbert. They race yachts, they trade mistresses. Colbert calls the Donald "Trump Card." Trump calls Colbert "Cold Beer."

But don't expect Colbert to shed a tear over Trump's bowing out of his own GOP debate. "(Trump) looks like a tangelo had sex with an old dish rag," Colbert said. "And I can say that because I love this man. And to honor the memory of Trump mattering, it is more important than ever I re-announce my 'South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate.'"

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Gary Busey is no longer a Newt Gingrich backer. After endorsing the former House Speaker this week, Busey has had a change of heart.

From The Hill:

“It is not time for me to be endorsing anyone at this time! When there are the two final candidates, then I will endorse,” Busey said Wednesday in a statement released through his representative. … Asked why Busey was withdrawing his endorsement, the actor’s spokesman said Busey “likes” Gingrich but “he is not endorsing anyone at this time.”

The Learning Channel's programming isn't all innocent shows about young boys and girls dolled-up in pageants. Sometimes the network slips up, Jon Stewart said Tuesday.

Like TLC's new show, All-American Muslim. "What are they thinking?" Stewart said. "Who gives a jihadi terrorist cell a show? I say ... assuming that that must be it, because there's a controversy."

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