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Newt Gingrich explained at a town hall in Iowa why he didn’t try to rebut the Romney-backing Super PAC that he’s accused of lying about his record with his own ads.

“They will figure out new lies faster than I can communicate the truth,” he said. Gingrich added that he objects to “billionaire candidates who buy consultants” to lie about his record.

Rick Perry spoke with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, who asked him why voters should consider him to have a greater chance than Mitt Romney of beating President Obama.

Perry talked up his Texan job creation record and his military experience, but also hyped his ground game.

“There’s not anybody here who’s get a better ground game,” he said, going on to say that he surpassed the others in “ability to raise money” nationwide and “bring it” to President Obama.

Looking past Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, Mitt Romney has put up an ad in Florida. Called “Leader,” the ad actually went up in December in all these states, and now Florida gets it too. The theme of the ad is Romney’s “steadiness and constancy” as a leader.


A new Mitt Romney ad is set to air in Florida starting on Wednesday, touting the former Mass. governor’s commitments: to his wife, his career in business and his faith. Watch the ad:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich clearly shocked his CBS interviewers this morning. The network's White House correspondent, Norah O'Donnell, and her colleague Bob Schieffer asked about Newt's recent suggestions that Mitt Romney is being duplicitous in claiming he has nothing to do with the Super PAC ads bombarding Newt in Iowa. Does that in effect mean Newt is accusing Romney of being a liar, O'Donnell wanted to know.

Gingrich's response was blunt: "Yes," he said.

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Michele Bachmann told Fox News Tuesday afternoon that she wants to be president because “we only have one shot at getting rid of ‘Obamacare.’”

She said the president’s health care reform law is the “No. 1 reason job creators aren’t hiring. She also claimed the law allows for taxpayer paid abortion. Politifact has labeled that statement false.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) warned younger voters at a campaign stop in Iowa that their freedom on the internet is under attack. At the Rock The Caucuses event, an offshoot of Rock The Vote, Paul made it plain:

“There are plans now to regulate and control and monitor and regulate to a degree your websites and web pages and for the federal government to come in and take away the privacy of the internet,” Paul said. “Believe me, the internet is very, very valuable. If you lose the privacy of internet, you have lost a big hunk of your freedom. That move is on and something you need to look at and pay attention to.”

Herman Cain says he will “actively” support the candidate who wins the GOP nomination.

Cain added that he is “open” to discussing cabinet positions, and that the position he desires will depend on who wins the nomination.

Herman Cain on Fox News just now said that, since he is such an “unconventional candidate,” he will give an “unconventional endorsement” at some point during the race.

Cain this week is planning on launching a new “national movement” this week.