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UPDATE - 10:16 P.M.: We called this race for Mike Bloomberg based on the calls of MSNBC and The New York Times. Just before 10 p.m., Rachel Maddow reported on MSNBC that the network's call had been retracted. While Maddow said Democrat Bill Thompson had already called Bloomberg to concede, she7said that MSNBC was dialing back its call on the race. Maddow said the network had originally relied on a local election monitoring service to make the call for Bloomberg, and that the service had since retracted its call. We're looking for more information.

UPDATE - 10:19 PM: The New York Times seems to be walking back its call too. It's changed its headline to "Bloomberg Projected To Win 3rd Term."

MSNBC and The New York Times called the New York City mayor's race for incumbent Mike Bloomberg. He beat Democratic challenger, city comptroller Bill Thompson.

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Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds has released a statement congratulating his Republican opponent, Bob McDonnell, on winning Virginia's gubernatorial election. Here's the full text:

"I have said from the beginning that this election is about Virginia's future, about bringing opportunity, prosperity, and hope to every corner of the Commonwealth.

"Tonight, I'm humbled and gratified by the support and hard work that so many voters and volunteers statewide have brought to this campaign.

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Republicans control the all of Virginia's statewide state government posts now, but Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) appealed to them tonight to let the party they just decimated continue to have a voice in Richmond.

From Webb's statement on the races in Virginia tonight:

"I am very familiar with long and divisive campaigns. I am confident that, with the close of campaign season tonight, we can put partisanship aside and work collectively to further the best interests of Virginia and our people."

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The Democratic Governors Association just offered its condolences to Creigh Deeds, who just went down in a landslide to Republican Bob McDonnell in Virgina. The DGA suggested that Deeds' defeat wasn't a failure for Democrats, but was instead the GOP just doing "what every opposition party has done for the past 36 years" -- win VA-Gov.

From DGA executive director Nathan Daschle's statement tonight:

"With the worst recession since the Great Depression and history favoring the other side, we knew this race would be difficult. Sen. Deeds ran a strong campaign, despite all the headwinds he faced. Sen. Deeds is a bipartisan leader whose work has helped countless Virginians get a better education and created economic opportunity in every corner of the state. Unfortunately, he couldn't overcome the major obstacles to victory."

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Voting machine malfunctions may delay election results from four towns in New York's 23rd district, reports the Johnson News Service.

The breakdowns, in Louisville, Waddington, Rossie and Clare, happened earlier today on new voting machines, according to the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections deputy commissioner.

And in Fulton County, results won't be posted online and likely won't be available to the media until tomorrow.

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NY-23 Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show just moments after the polls closed tonight and took a couple last shots at moderate GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava -- who dropped out over the weekend and endorsed the Democratic candidate in NY-23's special congressional election.

"I always said that she was too liberal to be a Republican and obviously she is," Hoffman said. "She's shown her true colors."

It's too bad that she didn't endorse me, but we're going to win this without her.

Still no results in from NY-23 -- so we'll have to wait and see about that.

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The Bangor Daily News reports that Bangor's consolidated polling place saw a crush of voters after 4 p.m., pushing the turnout past 50 percent at 6 p.m., two hours before the polls closed. The big draw is a vote on whether to uphold the state's gay marriage law.

"This is bigger than a gubernatorial election," said City Clerk Patti Dubois.

"We staffed for an off-year election with a 35 percent turnout," she said. "By six o'clock, we'd already had a 50 percent turnout."

With 14 percent of precincts reporting, 52 percent have voted no on Question 1, meaning they voted to uphold gay marriage.

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Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty issued a statement on Bob McDonnell's (R-VA) win in Virginia tonight:

"I want to send my congratulations to Bob, Maureen and their family. Bob ran a positive campaign based on the conservative principles of fiscal responsibility and low taxes. Virginians embraced his conservative message, rejecting more taxes, card-check and spending that would hurt economic growth and job creation. I'm especially proud of the RGA's historic role in supporting Bob's effort, and look forward to working with the Governor-Elect next year."

Republican Chris Christie has taken an early lead in New Jersey, leading Gov. Jon Corzine 52 to 42 with 35 percent of precincts reporting. Chris Daggett, the Independent candidate, trails with six percent of the vote.

The all-important Independent vote appears to be going to Christie, with an early CNN exit poll showing 58 percent of Independents voting for the Republican candidate and only 33 percent going to Corzine. According to the poll, 28 percent of New Jersey voters are Independents.

CNN's exit polling also shows that 38 percent of voters said they were looking for change as the number one quality in a candidate. Most of those voted for Christie.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), a leader among House Republicans and a potential national candidate in 2012, just finished telling the crowd at Bob McDonnell's victory party in Virginia that the GOP's clean sweep of statewide offices tonight signals the beginning of a new era for Republicans across the country.

"Tonight's great victories show we the people are fed up with the Obama, Pelosi, Kaine agenda," he told a cheering crowd.

"Thank you for supporting freedom," he added at the end of his remarks. "Because of you, the Republican resurgence begins here in Virginia."