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Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins told The Hill over the weekend that, after 10 or so debates so far, we’re reaching “overload.”

The debates are a good way to meet the candidates, Rollins said, but 20-plus primary debates is “way too many.”

Rollins is Michele Bachmann’s former campaign manager, and he has recently spoken critically about her campaign.

House Speaker John Boehner on Monday said he hopes the Supreme Court overturns President Obama’s health care reform law. The high court on Monday agreed to hear challenges to the law. Here’s Boehner’s full statement:

“The American people did not support this law when it was rushed through Congress and they do not support it now that they’ve seen what’s in it. In keeping with our Pledge to America, Republicans have voted to repeal and defund the law, and successfully repealed portions of it. This government takeover of health care is threatening jobs, increasing costs, and jeopardizing coverage for millions of Americans, and I hope the Supreme Court overturns it.”

Erick Erickson, writing on his conservative RedState blog on Monday morning, asserts that Rick Perry’s Saturday night debate performance “gets him the complete redemption he needs.”

Erickson argues that Perry’s answers about Iran, Pakistan, foreign aid and zero based budgeting should be enough to erase “one of the most embarrassing gaffes” in debate history.

As proof, he points to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll which found that 52% of Republicans want Perry to stay in the race.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2008, is voicing his disagreement with the party’s current candidates, when at Saturday’s debate some of them stated their support for waterboarding.

McCain posted on his Twitter account late Monday morning:

Very disappointed by statements at SC GOP debate supporting waterboarding. Waterboarding is torture.

The National Memo reports:

President Obama’s top political operatives – including campaign chief adviser David Axelrod – traveled from Chicago and Washington to the headquarters of the William Jefferson Clinton foundation in Harlem last Wednesday afternoon for a meeting with the former president and two of his top aides. The topic? How to reelect the current president – including some very specific advice from Clinton, according to sources who present.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Monday morning, Donald Trump said that he would be offering his endorsement to a 2012 candidate in the coming weeks.

“Within a month probably sounds good—maybe a little more than that, but I’ve got a good, good sight on everybody,” Trump said. “I have a lot of respect for a lot of them. We have some good people.”

Trump has met with many of the GOP candidates and has freely offered his commentary on the primary race, mostly through appearances and phone interviews on Fox.

Check out the video below.

The Supreme Court has just agreed to hear challenges to President Obama’s health care reform law. The court is likely to issue a ruling on the law by July, Reuters reports.

From the SCOTUSblog:

The take away is that the Court has granted essentially all of the health care related questions, and granted extensive oral argument time.