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Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX) last week said that while moving to impeach President Obama would likely be unsuccessful and could hurt the Republican party, it's still something the House should consider.

"I do believe that if the president had impeachment proceedings run against him in the House, that I think there’s a very slim chance that the House would vote to impeach," Marchant said last week during a town hall, according to a video obtained by Buzzfeed. "That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, and that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t be something that we consider."

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An Indiana city mayor was reportedly held in contempt of court and jailed on Tuesday by a local judge upset that drainage pipes had blocked an entrance to his courthouse.

The Kokomo Perspective reported that Kokomo, Ind., Mayor Greg Goodnight was taken into custody by the Howard County sheriff, who found Goodnight at his mayor's office, and taken before superior court Judge William Menges, whose court is located in Kokomo, a city of 45,000 in central Indiana.

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Health insurance premiums for plans sold under Obamacare in Arkansas are projected to decrease by an average of 2 percent next year, Gov. Mike Beebe's office announced Tuesday.

"This is an aggregate projection, meaning that some individual consumers will see a small increase in premiums, and others will see their costs drop more than two percent," Beebe's office said of the new estimates from the state insurance department.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of a House panel is asking Labor Secretary Thomas Perez to turn over toCongress documents and information the lawmaker alleges will show "a pattern of wasteful spending and mismanagement" at the Labor Department.

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The National Review on Monday published a piece claiming that the College Board's new framework for the AP U.S. History exam was the result of a leftist movement to change the way American history is taught.

"This Framework will effectively force American high schools to teach U.S. history from a leftist perspective," Stanley Kurtz wrote for NRO. "The origins of the new AP U.S. History framework are closely tied to a movement of left-leaning historians that aims to 'internationalize' the teaching of American history."

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From the creator of the unforgettable "Tatoo Jesus" comes a new cinematic masterpiece: "Death Row Jesus."

This project is the latest brainchild of David Miller, founder of Little Pencil Ministries, who aired his first video "Tatoo Jesus" last fall alongside a billboard campaign in Lubbock, Texas, KCBD reported. Miller is currently in the midst of a legal battle with the school district in Lubbock over its refusal to allow his "Tattoo Jesus" billboards to be displayed during football games.

"Death Row Jesus" is scheduled to premiere nationwide on Wednesday, although what appears to be a full-length version is already available on YouTube (see below). The video shows Jesus being sentenced to the death penalty as other inmates are set free and illustrates the concept that, in the words of Miller, "Christ became the worst criminal in history when he took our mistakes on himself."

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