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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) seemed to hit a personal breaking point Tuesday, going off on Donald Trump and calling on Indiana voters to save the country from the current Republican presidential frontrunner.

Heading into the make-or-break Indiana primary, Cruz did not hold back in front of reporters in an extended diatribe played live on national TV. He accused Trump of lying to voters and painted the real estate mogul as an amoral narcissist. The Texas senator was set off by Trump's Tuesday morning comments floating a conspiracy theory that Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was somehow linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

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A 40-year-old Florida man accused of plotting a terror attack on a local synagogue wanted to pin the blame on ISIS and allegedly recorded a video warning "ISIS is in the house.” To cement the ISIS connection, he allegedly considered leaving "a note or a banner ... that ... resembles the letters of Arabic."

"We could make it up," he was allegedly caught saying on tape.

What the man, James Medina, didn't know was that he was the target of a FBI sting. He was arrested Friday, according to the Miami Herald, after buying a dummy bomb from an undercover agent and approaching the synagogue with it, authorities said. The affidavit alleged that Medina repeatedly expressed his desire to attack the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in the Miami area and had no problem with killing women and children in the process, according to the transcripts.

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