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Prosecutor: D'Souza Lied To Candidate About Straw Donors

Jeffrey Malet

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Cohen made the disclosure Friday as Dinesh D'Souza (Dih-NEESH' duh-SOO'-zuh) pleaded not guilty to charges that he violated campaign finance laws. D'Souza is the creator of the documentary "2016: Obama's America."

He was released after his Manhattan court appearance on $500,000 bond. His travel is restricted to the United States.

Cohen says D'Souza directed $20,000 in illegal contributions to be made to candidate Wendy Long. She lost to Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand (KEER'-stehn JIHL'-uh-brand) in last year's election.

Defense attorney Benjamin Brafman says there is not much disagreement over what happened, only whether the actions broke laws.

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