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Salahis Stopped In A Limo Near White House State Dinner


The AP reports that the couple were among those in a limousine that was stopped near the White House by a Secret Service agent around 8 p.m. The limo was ticketed for running a red light, and had signaled to turn into a restricted area. The couple and their friends later went to dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away.

"They had a great time with their friends," Athina Balda, the marketing manager of the restaurant, Kellari Taverna, told the AP. "There were a lot of cameras and photographers."

A source tells Politico's Ben Smith that the Michaele Salahi was wearing a white mink coat.

The Salahis made headlines last year for successfully crashing a White House state dinner. According to the AP, the couple has secured a role on Bravo's reality TV show, The Real Housewives of DC.

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