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Rod Blagojevich Employment Update: Blago Will Be Featured In Upcoming 'Trust Panel'


The panel, named "Advertising Week Trust Forum," will also include representatives from Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! Organizers have provided the scintillating proposition that, among all the tech darlings, Blagojevich will offer "his experience and unique take on trust. A must-see event." Meanwhile, his publicist told the AP (via NBC's Ward Room Chicago blog) that "The Rod Blagojevich brand was completely attacked and he went about restoring it - and did so successfully."

Blagojevich has already proven to have somewhat of a proclivity for popping up in unexpected, near inappropriate places. Take his place at an even more questionable "ethics" panel at Northwestern University, shortly after disgraced-governor-turned-CNN-primetime-star Eliot Spitzer did the same at Harvard. So, yes, there is a market for this sort of thing, apparently, and it's welcoming Governor Rod with open arms.

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