Pomp and Circumstance: The Obamas Welcome Prime Minister Singh


November 24: President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrive for a press conference during an official state visit. The two spoke cordially of the two nations’ partnerships, noting plans to collaborate further on climate change, green technology, and regional security.

Newscom/Joshua Roberts

President Obama said India is “indispensable” to global security and prosperity.


Obama praised Singh as a man of peace. The prime minister spoke mostly of his nation’s commitment to combating climate change ahead of the global summit in Copenhagen next month.

Newscom/Joshua Roberts

The pair took two questions each, one from an American journalist and one from an Indian journalist. Obama promised to announce an Afghanistan strategy “shortly.”


First Lady Michelle Obama talks with her Indian counterpart, Gursharan Kaur.

White House Photo

The First Lady addresses reporters and young women from the White House mentoring program during a preview of Tuesday’s state dinner in honor of Singh. She said she put so much effort into making the first White House state dinner special because she’s felt honored when traveling abroad this year. “The hosts make you feel like you are home,” she said.

Christina Bellantoni

Obama and Singh during their joint press conference.

Christina Bellantoni

The White House press corps waits for Obama and Singh. The pair were 35 minutes late.

Christina Bellantoni

Members of the press hustle to photograph sample place settings for the first official state dinner of the Obama presidency.

Obama chats with students in the White House leadership program. The students got to sample the vegetarian menu.

Christina Bellantoni

Pumpkin pie tart and pear tatin are on the menu. The desserts are garnished with mint and lemon verbena from the First Lady’s garden.

Christina Bellantoni