Fox: They’re Turning Gitmo Into A Country Club!


Guantanamo Bay detainees don’t know how good they have it. At least, that’s the view of the perpetual outrage machine over at Fox news.

The notorious detention zone now includes a facility for inmates to get exercise, which is a bridge too far for the Foxers.

A “soccer field” has been installed outside Gitmo’s Camp 6, with connecting cage tunnels so that detainees do not need to be escorted to the field by guards.

Co-operative detainees have access to the field, which at present is a patch of dirt surrounded by barbed-wire fences, for up to 20 hours a day. There are no goals on the field and no reports indicate the availability of a ball.

For the Foxers, though, this all sounds pretty cushy. Take a listen below.


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