Fox Guests Discuss ‘Nightmare’ Of Paying Hotel Maids More


If you weren’t watching Fox Business Network this morning, you may have missed today’s dose of outrage from Fox’s English money-man Stuart Varney.

Varney, who was on Fox & Friends after the State Of The Union to rail against the President “beating up” on millionaires and businesses, was discussing the previous night’s election results with his panel.  

“Listen to this,” he began.  “This is a financial program, so let’s talk about money”.  Discussing a recent union proposal to give panic buttons to maids, Varney brought up maids’ pay and their union’s push to raise it to $60,000 over seven years.

“This is a nightmare,” added his guest, saying that the move will hit “everybody who has to foot the bill”.  

Not to be outdone, Varney’s other guest Mark Simone chipped in, adding “They’re getting a lot of money.  It was shocking how much they get”.

Check out the highlights of the exchange below:


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