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Electro-Hop Duo Was Second Party In Romney Air-Rage Incident (VIDEO)


In a video acquired by TMZ, Sky Blu gives his side of the story with the help of his partner, Redfoo. The video also contains a brief clip of Sky Blu being escorted off the plane.

According to Sky Blu, the incident began after he brought his seat back pre-flight. Romney yelled, "Sir, sir, put your seat up!" and grabbed Sky Blu's shoulder (in a "Vulcan grip," according to Redfoo). Sky Blu struck back somehow, and then Romney's female companion screamed, at which point a flight attendant came over. Sky Blu admitted to using a few "cuss words," and said that by the time authorities boarded the plane, he had already decided to let it go and comply.

As a kind of olive branch at the end, Sky Blu said that though he wouldn't vote for Romney, he would be his drinking buddy, "if he drinks." Sorry, man, he doesn't.

Watch the video: