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Donald Trump may have tangled with the wrong guy.

In scorning Univision star Jorge Ramos during a Tuesday press conference -- and admitting that he didn't even know who Ramos was -- Trump signaled in a visceral way his disdain for the Latino community.

"He’s talking about the fastest growing electoral block in the U.S.,” Ramos told Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Wednesday. Kelly, another Trump media nemesis, had asked whether Ramos understood why Trump might not want to answer his questions on immigration, given his bad blood with Ramos' network.

“He's talking about 16 million Latinos that will go to the polls and might decide the next election, It doesn't matter if he doesn't like it. There are questions that need to be answered," Ramos said.

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Grandma is not your grandma’s abortion movie. Not that there are so many to choose from—and not that this new film from Paul Weitz and starring Lily Tomlin as Elle, the grandma in question, is just about abortion. But the treatment the subject receives is so real and so nuanced and so normalizing, it feels like a totally new take on the subject.

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SUNSET, La. (AP) — A police officer and two other people were shot Wednesday in southwestern Louisiana, Louisiana State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson said.

He said troopers were on the way to the scene in Sunset, about 60 miles west of Baton Rouge, after getting a call around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday.

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Even after Univision host Jorge Ramos was kicked out of a Donald Trump press conference for challenging the GOP 2016 frontrunner, the angry language didn't stop once Ramos had been escorted to the hallway.

"Get out of my country. Get out," a Trump supporter told Ramos after he had been escorted from the press conference in a video posted by Fusion. In the video, Ramos calmly responds to the supporter that he is, in fact, a U.S. citizen.

"Well, whatever ... it's not about you," the supporter said, aggressively gesturing at the Univision host.

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Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said the "terrible" shooting Wednesday morning in which two reporters were killed is another example of gun violence that is "becoming all too common."

“Obviously, the thoughts and prayers of everyone here at the White House are with the families of those who were injured or killed in that terrible incident,” Earnest told the press in a news conference Wednesday.

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