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Even though Gov. Pat McCrory (R) ultimately lost his re-election bid, Republican legislators – with a veto-proof majority – may still seize on his allegations of widespread voter fraud to push for new voting restrictions next year.

“We have a very strong suspicion that the purpose of all of these challenges and allegations of irregularities, at least for the last three of the last four weeks, haven’t really been about McCrory winning. They’ve been about building a 'record' for the legislature in the next session, passing more voter restriction laws,” Allison Riggs, a lawyer with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice which advocates for voting rights, told TPM.

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A major trade group for insurers took the unusual step of going public with what it is demanding of Republicans considering a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

In a list of proposals released Tuesday, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) said that in light of "significant changes" the Affordable Care Act will see, the group was highlighting the "key principles that, if followed, will help ensure a stable, competitive market that delivers real choice, high quality, and affordable care." Their requests anticipate a GOP Obamacare repeal maneuver that health care policy experts warn will destabilize the individual insurance market, even if lawmakers include a delay of the repeal provisions in the bill they push early next year.

"We still have more questions than answers,” AHIP president and CEO Marilyn Tavenner told the New York Times. “We don’t want to disrupt individuals who are relying on our coverage.”

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