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Russian hackers who launched a cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee also targeted think tanks that study Russia in Washington, D.C., Defense One reported on Monday.

The CEO of Crowdstrike, a company that investigated the DNC hack, told Defense one that one of the same groups that targeted the DNC also attacked fewer than five think tanks, but did not take any information.

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Pastor Mark Burns, an African American surrogate for the Donald Trump campaign, on Monday night apologized for tweeting a cartoon that depicted Hillary Clinton in blackface.

"I want to apologize because the last thing I want to do is to anger people. I really am a unifier," Burns said Monday in a video on Periscope, according to The Hill. "It was not at all my intention to offer or to not offend anyone, the last thing I want to do is to offend people."

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Republican control of the House during President Obama's era was marked by high-stakes showdowns, intra-party sniping and the persistent threat of a coup against the GOP House speaker. A Republican House at the outset of a President Clinton administration could be more of the same–or even worse–if November losses erode the GOP majority, giving the Freedom Caucus types increased leverage in a more closely divided chamber.

While Democrats are signaling they're playing to win back the House, most forecasters still see a flip of the lower chamber to be a long shot. But that doesn’t mean Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the other GOP leaders committed to steering the party away from the recent dysfunction have any reason to breathe easily. An election that preserves Republican control of the House but shrinks GOP’s margins significantly will exacerbate the challenges Ryan was already facing in navigating a fractured party.

Here are 5 points on the headaches awaiting Ryan if Republicans’ margin over Democrats in the House shrinks.

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