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The former Rand Paul volunteer who stomped on the head of a prone MoveOn activist tells a local CBS affiliate he would've never put his foot on the victim at all if it wasn't for his bad back.

According to WKYT, "[Tim] Profitt explained that he used his foot to try and keep her down because he can't bend over because of back problems. He also says police were alerted to watch her before Paul arrived because people in the crown recognized her as someone who may try and pull a stunt."

Video footage of the altercation clearly shows Lauren Valle subdued on the ground, held by multiple large men.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today struck down an Arizona law that required proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.

The law, which was passed as Proposition 200 by voter referendum in 2004, is meant to prevent illegal immigrants from voting and other forms of voter fraud. The court struck down the provision requiring proof of citizenship to register, but upheld provisions requiring identification at polling places.

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Jack Conway spokesman John Collins sent over a statement calling out Rand Paul, who has apparently not reached out to apologize to assault victim Lauren Valle.

"We are still waiting for Rand Paul to apologize to the victim of this attack," Collins says. "A boot stomp to the head of a woman is never appropriate,  Rand should apologize to her, stop blaming others, and identify the others involved in this thuggish behavior and disassociate his campaign from them immediately."

Intentionally or not, the language in this statement is similar to the language Conway used to question Rand Paul's college antics, which included hazing a female friend by placing her in a stream and telling her pray to "Aqua Buddha"

The California Labor Federation has a funny new ad in the state's gubernatorial race, telling voters not to make the same mistake that Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman has habitually committed over the years: Not voting.

The ad uses audio of Whitman awkwardly answering reporters' questions in September 2009, about the fact that she didn't vote for years and years. "I should have. I should have, and I didn't," Whitman says. As the questions continue, she adds: "I should have voted, and I didn't."

Then the announcer comes in: "Okay. Maybe you didn't go 28 years without voting. But as Meg Whitman can tell you, missing out on your chance to vote can be, well, a little embarrassing."

The TPM Poll Average gives Democratic nominee Jerry Brown, the former governor and current state attorney general, a lead of 48.8%-41.2%.

Finally, we have a candidate this election cycle who will proudly feature his ties to President Obama in one of his ads -- and he's not actually a Democrat!

Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican Senator and now independent candidate for governor of Rhode Island, has a new ad that uses old footage of President Obama vigorously praising him. And of course, this ad follows a dust-up over Obama's noted lack of support for the Democratic nominee in the race, state Treasurer Frank Caprio.

The ad shows video that is clearly labeled as being from March 1, 2008, in the run-up to the Rhode Island Democratic presidential primary in which Chafee had endorsed Obama. (Indeed, he had changed his registration from Republican to independent in 2007, and could vote in the Dem primary.) The ad shows what appears to be then-Senator Obama attacking Hillary Clinton's insistence that her vote to authorize the Iraq War was more about strengthening President George W. Bush's hand diplomatically.

"Real change isn't voting for George Bush's war in Iraq. I knew what it was, Lincoln Chafee knew what it was," Obama said, as the crowd applauded. "You were voting for war. That's why I opposed this war, Lincoln opposed this war, and if Lincoln Chafee could stand up--"

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On the heels of two newly released surveys of the California Senate and gubernatorial races, another set of numbers has come out, extending the narrative that Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and state Attorney General Jerry Brown are pulling away in their respective races.

The poll, conducted by PPP, finds Boxer leading Republican former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina in the state's Senate race 52%-43%, while Brown is found up on Republican former eBay CEO Meg Whitman 53%-42% in the state's gubernatorial race. When PPP last looked at these races on September 16, Boxer led 50%-42%, while Brown was up by a narrower 47%-42% advantage.

The TPM Poll Average finds Boxer on top of the Senate race 47.5%-43.4%. In the gubernatorial contest, the TPM Poll Average shows Brown leading Whitman 48.8%-41.2%.

The margin of error of the newest statewide survey is ±3.9 percentage points.

For more on the Senate race, check out TPMDC's full coverage here. For more on the gubernatorial race, click here.

The Lexington police have just announced that they've served Tim Profitt -- Rand Paul's former Bourbon County coordinator -- with a criminal summons for assaulting a MoveOn activist outside of the Kentucky Senate debate last night.

"Today, October 26, 2010, detectives identified the suspect, involved in the assault, as Tim Profitt," reads a statement from public information officer Sherelle Roberts. "Mr. Profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court Judge."

The victim, Lauren Valle, claims that the attack -- during which she was pulled to the ground and stomped, resulting in a concussion -- was premeditated.

Suffolk University has released a new California statewide poll and the Democrats appear to be in control of both the Senate and gubernatorial races.

In the Senate contest, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is leading Republican former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina 52%-43%, with Libertarian Gail Lightfoot earning 2%, American Independent candidate Edward Noonan polling at 1%, and Green Party candidate Duane Roberts pulling in 1% as well.

In the gubernatorial race, Democratic state Attorney General Jerry Brown is up on Republican former eBay CEO Meg Whitman 50%-42%, with a slew of third party candidates polling in the single digits (American Independent candidate Chelene Nightingale at 2%, while Green Party candidate Laura Wells, Libertarian Dale Ogden, and Peace and Freedom candidate Carlos Alvarez are all at 1%).

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A new Susquehanna (R) poll, commissioned by the conservative Florida news site Sunshine State News, has first-term Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson trailing his Republican opponent, former state Sen. Dan Webster.

The numbers: Webster 48%, Grayson 41%, Tea Party candidate Peg Dunmire 4%, and independent George Metcalfe 1%. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.46% margin of error. In the previous poll from a month ago, Webster had 43%, Grayson 36%, Dunmire 6%, and Metcalfe 3%.

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The woman who was dragged to the ground and stomped by Rand Paul supporters outside of the Kentucky Senate debate last says her assailants recognized her as a regular anti-Paul protester and premeditated their attack.

"The Rand Paul campaign knows me and they have expressed their distaste for my work before," Lauren Valle, 23, told TPM and two other reporters on a conference call this afternoon.

According to Valle, several men surrounded her before Paul arrived at the event in Lexington last night.

"They surrounded me," she said. "There were about five of them, they started motioning to each other, and they got behind me."

Valle says her partner, whom she identified as Alex, overheard the men threaten, "we're here to do crowd control and we might have to take someone out."

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