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Mitt Romney's given President Obama all kinds of grief for bemoaning "bumps in the road" to economic recovery. In a viral web video released this week, camp Romney creatively anthropomorphized those bumps as unemployed people still struggling after a years-long economic downturn, all of whom stood up and proclaimed, "I'm not a bump in the road."

Leave it to Romney -- net worth over $200 million -- to completely step on his own message.

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Lulz Security, a group of anonymous hackers who've kicked through the doors of some of the highest profile entities on the Internet in the past month, dumped a random set of 62,000 social media account user e-mail and password combinations online on Thursday.

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The DC media's jaw-dropping obsession with the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal will peter out when the New York congressman officially resigns this afternoon. But there's no better illustration of how this story came to consume the press than the video below.

Democrats had been prepared to up the pressure on Weiner to resign Thursday, but not before House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press availability in a large studio in the basement of the Capitol Visitors Center.

Her conference began minutes after the news of Weiner's impending resignation leaked, and so reporters and cameras scrambled to what otherwise would have been a fairly routine press event. Indeed, because Dems are in the minority, it's not uncommon for Pelosi events to be under-attended by members the media. Not this time.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who has just launched her campaign for president, is getting ready to roll out a book -- and as the New York Times reports, she will have a very interesting co-author from the ranks of conservative media.

Bachmann's assistant in writing the book will reportedly be none other than John Fund, who has made a name for himself as one of the premier Republican pushers of erroneous charges of Democratic voter fraud.

Also note that Bachmann hails from Minnesota, which was the scene to a very close Senate race and subsequent eight months of a recount and extensive litigation -- with Democrat Al Franken ultimately defeating Republican Norm Coleman by a margin of 312 votes out of nearly 2.9 million. That race continues to be a sore point among Republicans, who at the time latched onto any small piece of reasonable doubt or uncertainty, magnifying it into a smoking gun (regardless of any other hints of doubt that might run the other way). Thus, it's a good question as to whether this topic will come up in the book.

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) isn't buying the White House's "Libya War isn't really a war" explanation of why they're not in violation of the War Powers Act.

Next week, he says, the House may be prepared to take action to block the administration's intervention -- and one option he's looking at is cutting off funds.

"[T]he ultimate option is the House in fact -- the Congress has the power of the purse," Boehner told reporters at a Capitol press briefing. "And certainly that is an option as well."

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Who says having a "radical" Medicare proposal is such a bad thing?

According to Stephen Colbert, that just might be the kind of message Republicans need to send if they want to court the youth vote, a task already daunting because of how popular President Obama is with young adults.

"The only way kids could love Obama more is if he was a skate park," Colbert said.

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With Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigning from Congress, it is worth looking at the statistics from his district for the upcoming special election.

Roll Call has rated the seat, based 70% in Queens plus parts of Brooklyn as "Safe Democratic." The Dems certainly do have the advantage, but underneath there have been some shifts in the Republicans' direction in recent cycles.

The district voted 55%-44% for Barack Obama in 2008 -- but a decade ago it was even more Democratic, having voted in 2000 for Al Gore by 68%-30%, but then shifted to only 56%-44% for John Kerry in 2004. This actually puts the district among the few in the country where Obama under-performed Kerry's percentage, though only by a slight margin.

On the Congressional level, Weiner never faced serious opposition. For example, he won 61% of the vote in 2010, 93% in 2008, was unopposed in 2006. Thus, Democrats begin with a hefty advantage here, especially in the wake of the Dems' pickup of the upstate NY-26 based on Republican proposals to privatize Medicare. But nevertheless, this one bears keeping an eye on.