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Obama: Medicare 'Getting Better All The Time' Because Of Health Care Reform In this weekend's YouTube address, President Obama touted a government report showing an increase in the financial solvency of Medicare, due to the recent health care reform law -- a clear effort to sell the law to older voters.

"According to this report, the steps we took this year to reform the health care system have put Medicare on a sounder financial footing. Reform has actually added at least a dozen years to the solvency of Medicare - the single longest extension in history - while helping to preserve Medicare for generations to come," said Obama. "We've made Medicare more solvent by going after waste, fraud, and abuse - not by changing seniors' guaranteed benefits. In fact, seniors are starting to see that because of health reform, their benefits are getting better all the time."

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GRAVES COUNTY HIGH, WESTERN KY -- Before they head out to gorge on a full day of political picnicking at Fancy Farm, Republicans from across the state of Kentucky were treated to a healthy portion of red meat this morning by Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Eric Cantor.

The event was the Graves County Republican Party Breakfast, an annual gathering that draws partisans from far and wide to be rallied, and the speakers didn't disappoint. The three men essentially told the crowd that unless something is done about the Democrats in Washington, America will be transformed into a distopian hellscape where only socialists waving their universal health care cards come out during the day while true patriots are forced to scrounge for the scraps of democracy under cover of night. Or something like that.

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WESTERN KENTUCKY -- It's an annual political rite like no other, or so they tell me: out here in rural Kentucky, thousands are descending on the the tiny town of Fancy Farm to eat barbecue, party and listen to politicians try to tell jokes.

For years, the Fancy Farm picnic has marked the beginning of campaign season in the Bluegrass State. Politicians gather here and give speeches that are supposed to be funny, and -- locals tell me -- often take direct aim at the other side in a way you rarely hear on the campaign trail. Officially, the event is known as the St. Jerome Catholic Church picnic, but everyone here calls the day of barbecue, raffles and politicking Fancy Farm.

This year's Fancy Farm comes as the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky has grabbed the national spotlight. Political junkies from across the state will be here today to watch Republican nominee Rand Paul and Democratic nominee Jack Conway take potshots at each other from the Fancy Farm stage. The men are locked in a nasty campaign and how each will handle the unique Fancy Farm environment (the audience is expected, if not encouraged, to loudly heckle the candidates they don't like) is the subject of much speculation out here.

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Appearing today on Hardball, Gov. Charlie Crist (I-FL) said that the Republican caucus would have to do better than the current practice of opposing everything if they were to get his vote.

During the interview, Matthews repeatedly pressed Crist, who left the Republican Party this past April in order to run for Senate as an independent, on the matter of which party he would caucus with. Crist in turn seemed to avoid the issue, repeating his past refrains that he has to get elected first, and he would want to caucus "with the people of Florida" -- that is, looking out for his state rather than for a party.

Then Matthews sharpened the question a bit. "How can you become a Republican if Mitch McConnell continues with his strategy of scorched earth -- which is, vote against everything and hope you bring down the house?" said Matthews "That has been his strategy, he apparently announced it early on two years ago. We're gonna bring down Barack Obama, we're voting against everything. And every time a major issue has come up, they don't compromise, they vote against. How could you join a caucus that's a 'no' caucus."

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If you say nothing else about Orly Taitz, say she is persistent.

Taitz, birther lawyer extraordinaire, last month tried to fight a $20,000 fine by appealing to the Supreme Court. Justice Clarence Thomas denied her appeal.

So this week, she re-filed the appeal, this time directing it to Justice Samuel Alito instead.

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Elena Kagan said today in a reception honoring her confirmation to the nation's highest court that she's going to be free to choose the right side of the issues -- even if it means going against her former Solicitor General's office colleagues.

Kagan, scheduled to be sworn in as a Supreme Court associate justice Saturday morning, was confirmed Thursday by the Senate. Today at the White House with President Obama at her side, Kagan said she enjoyed meeting "with 83 senators -- but really who's counting?" The crowd laughed.

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Here's a fun fact: It turns out that another Senate candidate is involved with the right-wing doctors group that has dabbled in such topics as birtherism, HIV-denial and opposition to Medicare. It's none other than Rand Paul.

As we posted earlier today, Sharron Angle will be headlining a Tea Party rally organized by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. They have stated that the establishment of Medicare in 1965 was "evil" and "immoral"; they have denied the link between HIV and AIDS; they have dabbled in birtherism; they have argued that President Obama may have used "covert hypnosis" to rally his crowds; and have suggested that the Food and Drug Administration is unconstitutional.

But it should be noted that Rand Paul is also a member.

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The group behind the recently opened "Museum of Tolerance" museum in Manhattan has come out against a planned Islamic community center, which includes a mosque, near Ground Zero.

"Religious freedom does not mean being insensitive...or an idiot," Rabbi Meyer May, the Wiesenthal Center's executive director, told Crain's New York.

"Religion is supposed to be beautiful," he said. "Why create pain in the name of religion?"

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Here are the line-ups for the Sunday talk shows this weekend:

• ABC, This Week: Gen. Ray Odierno, Gen. Peter Chiarelli.

• CBS, Face The Nation: Adm. Thad Allen, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

• CNN, State Of The Union: Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA), Adm. Thad Allen.

• Fox News Sunday: Former Solicitor General Ted Olson, Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN).

• NBC, Meet The Press: White House Energy Adviser Carol Browner, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), former Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN), House Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence (R-IN).