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What do you do when you're a tea party organizer with a history of inflammatory comments comparing America's public schools to Nazi Germany? If you're Wisconsin state Senate candidate Kim Simac, the answer may be liberally apply the delete key to your online past.

Simac is the Republican candidate in the Wisconsin recall election in state Senate district 12, which means she's hoping to unseat incumbent state Sen. Jim Holperin (D). Thanks to the strange political dance that is the Wisconsin recall process, Simac will face Holperin in a general election contest later next month.

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A new air corridor to be reserved exclusively for unmanned aerial drones could turn Oklahoma into the prime drone development region of the United States.

Oklahoma state officials are currently pushing for the corridor, which would stretch for approximately 80 miles between Fort Sill and the town of Clinton, to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

If approved, the air corridor would be the first civil airspace in the country where unmanned aircraft could be flown without prior FAA permission.

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Donors didn't exactly throw money at the political action committee behind an offensive campaign video that featured "gangsters" tossing cash at a stripper portraying Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA), who won the special election for CA-36 earlier this month.

Turn Right USA's recent report to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) shows the group took in just $285 in July, a reporting period that covered the two-week period after the group released the controversial Internet video aimed at drawing attention to Hahn's supposed connections to "hardcore gangsters."

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In a prime time address to the nation Monday evening, President Obama urged Americans to call their members of Congress, to pull Republicans back from a dangerous ledge, and bring them on board with new Democratic legislation that would cut spending significantly and avoid a catastrophic debt default. But the dynamic on Capitol Hill is already taking shape, and what Obama said is not likely to dislodge party leaders from their current strategies.

Discussions with senior Congressional aides, and Democratic and Republican Senators suggests leaders of both parties are hoping to avoid a public showdown between the House and Senate as the country careens toward default.

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Just moments after President Obama said in a televised address that Americans are "fed up with a town where compromise is a dirty word," House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) flung that message back in his face.

Drawing attention to the controversial and stringent "Cut, Cap and Balance" Bill that passed the House of Representatives last week, Boehner claimed "there is no stalemate in Congress." He pinned the blame for the debt ceiling imbroglio squarely on President Obama for having sworn to veto "Cut, Cap and Balance" even before a vote was taken.

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President Obama used the power of his bully pulpit to try force House Republicans to forge a deficit-reduction deal with Democrats that would raise the debt ceiling but would not force massive cuts to entitlement programs while sparing the wealthiest Americans from higher taxes and "shared sacrifice."

Obama delivered a televised address to the nation Monday night, followed by an equally adamant response by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). After a frustrating week of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats full of fits and starts and ever-evolving proposals, Obama turned to the only weapon left in his arsenal: the power of the presidency to try to leverage public opinion to his side and wrangle a last-minute change of heart from Republicans.

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