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Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) visited the White House grounds 11 times this year, the records of some visitors released tonight by the Obama administration show.

Daschle, a friend and key Obama adviser during the campaign who dropped out due to tax problems after being nominated as secretary of Health and Human Services, was at the White House on Inauguration Day.

He also was there Jan. 25 with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Jan. 26, Jan. 27, Jan. 28 meeting with David Axelrod's assistant, Jan. 28 meeting with OMB chief Peter Orszag, and twice on Jan. 29, meeting with Larry Summers.

Daschle, a top adviser for a lobbying firm that deals with the health industry Alston & Bird, withdrew his nomination in early February amid questions about his taxes.

He appears on the list again as a White House visitor on June 1, July 15 and July 16.

During a 2006 examination, an SEC staffer asked Bernie Madoff for information. Madoff replied that he had already provided it to a top agency official. To which the SEC-er responded: "It's a big organization, we don't talk to each other."

That's according to Madoff's testimony to SEC investigators. The agency's inspector general's office has just released documents that were part of its probe into its failures on the Madoff affair. And they further the picture of a regulator at which the right hand didn't know what the left was doing, and which depended on inexperienced and over-matched agents to sniff out complex financial frauds like Madoff's.

You can see all the documents here. And you can see Madoff's testimony here.

Let us know in comments about anything else that jumps out.

Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson has taken three trips to the White House, including two for private meetings with top Obama aides, according to visitor logs.

In February, Tillerson, who in January had thrown cold water on Obama's alternative energy plan, was one of three visitors meeting with Carol Browner, head of the Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy. And in May, he was one of two visitors who huddled with top economic aide Larry Summers.

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It's not news that Dick Cheney takes an expansive view of executive privilege. But one passage from the just released Plame interview documents makes clear just how far he took it.

When asked if he ever advised Libby that the president had decided to declassify the NIE, the vice president declined to answer in view of his concerns about sharing potentially privileged conversations between himself and the President. it was clarified for the Vice President that he was not being asked to comment on the substance of his conversations with the President, but rather, only whether he'd ever told Libby that he'd had such a discussion with the President. In response, Vice President Cheney repeated his assertion that he must refrain from commenting to the investigators about any private and/or privileged conversations he may have had with the President.

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has dropped out of the California gubernatorial race, citing unspecified family obligations.

"With a young family and responsibilities at City Hall, I have found it impossible to commit the time required to complete this effort the way it needs to - and should be - done," Newsom said in a statement.

Newsom had trailed the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, state Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown, in both poll numbers, organizational support and fundraising. With Newsom now out of the race, Brown's road to the Democratic nomination -- and perhaps even to to the governor's mansion after a 28-year absence -- is now that much clearer.

Late Update: The Los Angeles Times seems to put this development down to a lack of support for Newsom's candidacy:

Although Newsom had been effectively running for more than a year, his campaign never gained much traction. Even in his hometown, which Newsom touted as a model of cutting-edge policies, his candidacy was widely derided among civic insiders.

Perhaps most telling was the absence of support from the major San Francisco donors who helped underwrite Newsom's successful campaigns in the city. He also drew relatively few endorsements from the ranks of his fellow elected officials.

Dick Cheney told FBI investigators he wasn't happy when Scott McClelllan, then the White House press secretary, publicly told reporters that Karl Rove wasn't the source of the Plame leak.

From the just-released documents:

The Vice President was not happy about it, as it appeared that the White House press office was putting down markers for some individuals and not for others. Specifically, Vice President Cheney believed that fairness dictated that similar disqualifying statements should be made to the media on behalf of Libby and Elliot Abrams of the NSC, both of whom were the speculative targets of leak allegations by the media that week.

In other words, Cheney wanted Libby and Abrams exonerated in addition to Rove.

Of course, we now know that both Rove and Libby did leak Plame's name to reporters, though not to Novak.

Going through the names of visitors to the White House released this evening, TPMDC has spotted several A-listers.

Oprah Winfrey was at the White House on Inauguration Day, when President Obama had a private party with close friends.

Feb. 17 she met with First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House residence.

Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington, who was among the emcees at the Lincoln Memorial concert inauguration weekend, was at the White House either May 7 or May 9. The White House says one of the visitors is a "false positive" of someone with the same name.

Tennis great Serena Williams was among the visitors to the White House on July 14, July 24 and July 27. On one of those visits she was in the White House residence.

Actor Hill Harper, a close personal friend of Obama's who appeared with him on the campaign trail in Iowa, was at the White House May 12 and May 14. On the first visit he met with the president.

Some of these celebs have been reported either by eagle-eyed reporters or released via photos by the official White House photographers.

Worth noting the records are not exhaustive - they only reflect the names requested via Freedom of Information Act the new disclosure policy. Corrected.

According to those just-released visitor logs, Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chair who many blame for laying policy groundwork that contributed to the financial crisis, has visited the Obama White House six times in the past nine months.

Those included a one-on-one visit with top Obama economic aide Larry Summers and two meetings with Peter Orszag, accompanied by one other visitor.

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Newly released White House visitors logs show Al Gore has returned to his former offices on Pennsylvania Ave. four times since President Obama moved in back in January. The meetings were not all publicly disclosed in advance.

The former vice president didn't come to see fellow his fellow Nobel laureate in the Oval Office. Gore stopped off at the White House on April 6-8 and visited climate czar John Holdren twice in April and White House staffers Kate Brandt and Brian Jung.

Dick Cheney told FBI investigators that his response to hearing that Joe Wilson had been sent to Niger to assess whether Saddam had tried to buy yellow-cake was that it was "amateur hour" at the CIA.

That's according to a summary of the FBI's interview with Cheney, which was conducted as part of Pat Fitzgerald's investigation of the leak of Valerie Plame's name. The document was just released by the Justice Department, thanks to a lawsuit by CREW.

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