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PPP's first survey of the New York gubernatorial race finds Democratic state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo up 53%-38% on Republican nominee Carl Paladino.

The latest poll is right on the heels of a Siena poll that found Cuomo leading the race 56%-32%. That survey also saw 61% of respondents agreeing with the statement, "Carl Paladino is a loose cannon, who doesn't have the temperament to be governor."

The latest survey matches the TPM Poll Average: Cuomo is seen leading 53.2%-38.0%. The margin of error for the latest survey is ±4.0 percentage points.

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A new poll of the Texas gubernatorial race shows Republican Gov. Rick Perry with his largest polling lead in recent months against Democratic former Houston Mayor Bill White.

Perry leads 50%-36% according to the latest survey, which is the first Texas gubernatorial poll conducted by Public Strategies. When Rasmussen took a look at the race on September 22, the Republican was found up 48%-42% on White.

The TPM Poll Average has the incumbent governor ahead of White 47.5%-39.7%. The margin of error for the latest survey is ±3.7 percentage points.

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee's new ad in the West Virginia special Senate election sums up their message in this race. The ad doesn't promote the Republican nominee, businessman John Raese, and doesn't even employ all that much vigor to attack the Democratic nominee, the popular Gov. Joe Manchin. Instead the on-screen text simply says: "A vote for Manchin is a vote for Obama."

Keep in mind that in the 2008 election, Obama only received 43% of the vote in this state, and the TPM Poll Average currently gives him only a 30.3% approval rating here, with 64.9% disapproval. As a result, the Obama card is an obvious way for Republicans to go in this historically Democratic state, in the race to get the Senate seat that was held for over 50 years by the late Dem Sen. Robert Byrd.

The ad features three blue-collar men in a diner, talking about how much they don't like Obama.

"Joe's not bad as governor, but when he's with Obama--" says one man.

"He turns into 'Washington Joe,'" another says.

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The story of an American apparently killed after reportedly being shot by "lake pirates" on Falcon Lake along the Texas-Mexico border is being questioned by the Mexican authorities charged with investigating the incident, even as his widow is making media appearances to tell her terrifying tale. This morning, Tiffany Hartley responded to doubts about her story on national television.

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The campaign of Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), who is in a tough race for re-election, is in a bit of trouble with yet another new opponent: the National Football League.

Feingold has a new TV ad featuring video of football players engaging in garish dances in the end zone, with an infamous 2005 video of then-Minnesota Vikings player Randy Moss making mooning gestures to the crowd.

"In pro football, they call this excessive celebration. And they punish it with fines and 15-yard penalties. It's exactly the kind of behavior that corporate special interests and Ron Johnson are engaging in," Feingold says. "They're dancing in the end zone because they think they're going to take down the U.S. senator who has been named the No. 1 enemy of Washington lobbyists. Fortunately, the game isn't over yet."

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Rand Paul has a really funny new ad in the Kentucky Senate race, using a creative means of tying Democratic nominee Jack Conway to President Obama -- with the voice of an Obama impersonator talking about how great Conway is for him.

"Jack Conway, uh, has given me a stamp of approval," the impersonator says, as the music for "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" plays in the background. "Conway supported me for president, helped bankroll my campaign, and even fought to pass my health care plan. Now, I need Conway in Washington, because I know I can count on Conway to vote for more spending and debt, bigger government, and higher taxes."

The monologue is then interrupted by an incoming phone call on Obama's trusty BlackBerry -- identified by the caller-I.D. as none other than Jack Conway himself. "There he is now! Mr. Jack Conway. Now there's a guy I can work with in Washington."

All things considered, it's actually a pretty solid impersonation on the part of that voice actor.

The TPM Poll Average gives Paul a lead of 47.4%-41.9%.

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A New Jersey investment adviser who allegedly defrauded numerous clients of more than $2 million used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle while claiming to be investing the funds in conservative securities, the federal government said Tuesday.

Country club fees totaling over $75,000, lease payments for a Porsche 911 Carrera, and Audi Q7 and a Land Rover, at least $23,000 in home audio equipment and over $32,000 in landscaping are just some of the personal expenses the feds allege 38-year-old Carlo Chiaese of Springfield, NJ racked up. He allegedly transferred at least $800,000 to his wife and members of her family, withdrew at least $185,000 in cash and made over $65,000 in mortgage payments with his clients' money.

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Check out this highly unusual Web-only video from Minnesota state Sen. Tarryl Clark, the Democratic challenger against the Republican Tea Party star Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. The video declares that Bachmann does a lot for special interests -- and doesn't do "@#%!" for her constituents.

"No one does more for special interests in Washington than Congresswoman Michele Bachmann," the announcer says. "She stood up for BP when no one else would. She has a 100% record when it comes to supporting Wall Street. She even stood with the big insurance companies and voted against reform.

"Michele Bachmann: not doing @#%! [bleeping] for the people of the Sixth District, but doing more than her share for the special interests in Washington."

A recent SurveyUSA poll gave Bachmann a nine-point lead over Clark.

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