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More people have seen Phil Davison's impassioned plea to become county treasurer than live in his tiny town of Minerva, Ohio, but Davison told TPM in an interview today he wasn't familiar with YouTube until he woke up this morning as an Internet sensation.

"I went home and had a ham sandwich and went to bed and thought that was the end of it," Davison said when reached at home this afternoon. "A friend called, and well, I'm not very good with electronics, is there a YouTube? It was on some kind of electronic server."

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Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) offered some advice to a local company in his state that makes parts for guns: With President Obama in office, you'll need to develop more trigger locks.

As the Ravalli Republic reports:

But as a politician who bills himself as a straight shooter, Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg also had a bit of off-color advice for Bonnie and Randy Jones, proprietors of Bitterroot Tool and Machine, makers of airplane bolts, grain mills and bullet-loaders.

"If Obama is president, maybe you need to spend more time developing a gun lock, a trigger lock," Rehberg said with a chuckle, sitting across a lunchroom table from the Joneses in a suede jacket emblazoned with the U.S. government seal.

The comment came in response to Randy Jones asking about gun rights.

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Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell in her primary against one-time frontrunner Rep. Mike Castle, announcing her choice by calling in to Sean Hannity's radio show.

O'Donnell, who came from behind to come within striking distance of Castle before Tuesday's primary, tweeted her thanks to the former Alaska governor:

@sarahpalinusa Thank you for your clear confidence in my candidacy. Strong conservative women will take our country back! #teaparty #DESEN

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The Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri, Rep. Roy Blunt, is pulling away from his Democratic opponent, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan in the race for the Show Me State's open Senate seat. A poll from Rasmussen out today shows Blunt ahead 53-43, the latest in a series of polls that have shown the Republican could be settling into a comfortable lead.

The last Rasmussen poll -- which also happens to be the last public poll of the race -- showed Blunt ahead 54-41. That poll was conducted Aug. 23.

The TPM Poll Average shows Blunt ahead 50.6-43.8. Trendlines show Blunt with the momentum:

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President Obama will be hitting the campaign trail for the home stretch of several top-tier races this fall -- including for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada.

The Democratic National Committee today announced a series of Obama events. The appearance with Reid will be held October 22 in Las Vegas.

Other appearances on tap are: September 28 in Madison, Wisconsin, where Sen. Russ Feingold is up for re-election; October 10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak is facing Republican former Rep. Pat Toomey for Senate; and October 17 in Ohio, where Democrat Lee Fisher is facing Republican Rob Portman for Senate.

Late Update: As Greg Sargent reports, Feingold will not be at the event in Wisconsin.

Bill Binnie, a candidate in the Republican primary for senate in New Hampshire, has addressed rumors that he had received death threats over his pro-choice stance on abortion, telling the Conway Daily Sun: "Why am I being attacked by these outside groups? Do you think their motivation is anything other than that? Look who is attacking me, it's a real issue. I think (Thursday) we got over 1,000 pieces of mail to my home, 1,000. We don't answer our phone anymore.

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Terry Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center who plans to burn Korans on Saturday to the chagrin of many anti-Islam and anti-mosque advocates, has a long history of claiming that he is the one subjected to discrimination. Before he moved to Florida in 2008 to take the helm of the DWOC, he had a small church in Cologne with some pretty big problems -- and plenty of prominent Republicans had his back.

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Republican gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman is using former President Bill Clinton in a new double-whammy ad starring the most popular Democrat in the country and trying to suggest to California voters that Jerry Brown is a relic from years past.

Whitman's new television ad features Clinton attacking Brown during one of their 1992 presidential primary debate. "He doesn't tell people the truth," Clinton says, pointing. There's little love lost between the two Democrats.

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has a new ad out, featuring a Nevada businessman boasting that Reid used his clout to save jobs in the state.

"Federal regulations were driving us out of business. There was a lot of worry in the faces of our employees," says David Coon, head of Anderson Dairy, which according to the ad employs 130 Nevadans.

The on-screen text then tells us: "Harry Reid changed the Dairy Law so Anderson could compete. And save the jobs." David Coon then chimes in again: "Because of Sen. Reid, we continue to stay in business.

A nice touch is that the ad concludes with text of Reid's slogan, "No one can do more," along with a visual of an Anderson truck leaving their building. The truck then incorporates the company's slogan into the ad: "Too cool to pass up."

The TPM Poll Average puts Reid ahead of Republican nominee Sharron Angle by 47.6%-44.3%.

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Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee for Senate in Florida, has a commanding lead over his two opponents according to a new poll of the contest out today.

Sunshine State News, a conservative-leaning Florida news site, surveyed 1,016 likely voters Sept. 1-7 and found Rubio with a double digit lead over Gov. Charlie Crist (I) and Rep. Kendrick Meek (D). The poll shows Rubio drawing 43% of the vote in the three-way contest, with Crist a distant second with 29%. Meek is close to him with 23% of the vote. The poll has a margin of error of around 3%.

Past polling has shown the race to be much closer than what SSN's poll reports. In the TPM Poll Average, Rubio draws 36.8% of the vote, Crist 33.4% and Meek 19.9%.

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