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Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is conducting a "money-bomb" fundraiser today -- a single day of big fundraising -- in an effort to show that Americans support him as a self-proclaimed "Congressman With Guts."

Grayson had promoted this fundraiser for the last two weeks, and was building up pledges that could then be quickly collected in the morning.

So far, he's at $354,307, closing in on his official goal of $400,000. Let's see how he does for the whole day.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) says President Obama has endangered American lives by not doing more to alleviate the nation's short supply of H1N1 vaccine. In a new interview with the conservative-leaning, Wilson says Obama's administration is "solely responsible" for the vaccine shortage, which he said are related to promises America made to donate vaccine to some foreign allies.

From the interview:

"The current administration is solely responsible. They can't blame this on any prior administration," said Wilson. "This is the responsibility of the current administration. They've put the lives of Americans at risk."

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A new Pew Research poll shows American support for keeping NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan is continuing to fall -- to 50 percent in September, a 7-point drop-off since June.

The number of people who want American troops to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible rose during the same period -- from 38 percent to 43 percent.

The fall off in support for keeping troops in Afghanistan held across political groups. The poll found that Republican support for keeping troops in Afghanistan dropped from 75 percent to 71 percent; among Democrats, support fell from 45 percent to 37 percent; and among independents, from from 57 percent to 51 percent.

Connecticut Democrats filed a Federal Elections Commission complaint today against Linda McMahon, her campaign and World Wrestling Entertainment, charging they violated the law by removing racy WWE videos last month.

McMahon (R-CT) is one of several candidates hoping to challenge Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) next year. She is the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and wife of WWE principal Vince McMahon.

After TPMDC and others posted videos of WWE scenes depicting simulated rape and a wrestler pretending to have sex with a corpse, they were taken down from YouTube.

We spoke at the time to WWE's VP of PR and corporate communications, who said accusations the removal had anything to do with politics are false, but Democrats charge the move is equivalent to a campaign contribution from a corporation.

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Newt Gingrich, who had previously endorsed moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 special election, now says he is "deeply upset" about her endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens after she withdrew from the race.

"How could she have accepted all that support?" said Gingrich, also adding: "I'm very, very let down because she told everybody she was a Republican, and she said she was a loyal Republican."

Gingrich had caught a lot of criticism on the right for supporting Scozzafava, and arguing that the Republican Party needs to have room for moderates. Now that Scozzafava has quit the race and endorsed the Democrat, due to campaign by the right to push her out in favor of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, Gingrich will certainly have to work hard to undo the damage from his having bet on the wrong horse.

The Republican National Committee has a new radio ad in the NY-23 special election, in which it has endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman after GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava was forced out of the race for being too moderate for the party base (and subsequently endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens).

In a sign of just how thorough the right's intra-mural victory has been in this race,the announcer's rhetoric is straight out of the Tea Party movement.

"Let's tell the liberals, enough is enough. No more bailouts, taxes and budget busting spending. It's time to create jobs, with proven conservative ideas like lower taxes," the announcer declares. "Let your voice be heard, join the movement to bring real conservative change. Tell the politicians, no more, we won't let you bankrupt America. We need conservative leaders who stand up for our values. Fight Back! Vote conservative, it matters like never before."

Dede Scozzafava, the former Republican candidate in the NY-23 special election who has now endorsed Democrat Bill Owens, made a surprise appearance at an Owens event last night.

The Watertown Daily Times reports:

On Sunday, at an Owens campaign event at the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall on Gouverneur Street, Mr. Owens and Ms. Scozzafava talked politics during their meeting. She warned him to avoid the "hateful and divisive" tactics she said were used by her Conservative opponent.

"It's not about ideology," Ms. Scozzafava said. "It's about the local issues."

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"I'm out of the game. I'm done," Michael Hilton has told the Associated Press in a phone interview.

The California grifter had just testified in court that he's broke, is struggling to pay rent on his apartment, and recently borrowed money from his girlfriend. And he appeared to come close, perhaps for the first time, to admitting that he had deceived local officials in Montana about his effort to take control of an empty jail.

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Supporters of the man charged with the May killing of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller are raising money for his legal defense through an eBay auction on items including prison art glorifying the murder and a commissary cookbook by the woman who is serving time for shooting Tiller in both arms in the early 1990s.

Allies of Scott Roeder want to hire a private lawyer who will use a so-called "necessity defense," arguing that the killing was justified.

(See a slideshow of the now-scrubbed items here.)

Auction organizer Dave Leach told the Kansas City Star, which first reported the auction, "I really am hopeful that eBay can see that once this is up, that it is not a glorification of violence."

But the items, like illustrations produced by a fellow inmate and signed by Roeder, do just that. One David-and-Goliath drawing shows a figure with a sling holding up a severed head labeled "Tiller" standing over a bloodied body labeled "Child Murdering Industry."

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to send the health care reform bill to the House floor today, according to The Hill.

With the bill introduced today, the earliest a vote could come is Thursday, because Pelosi has promised 72 hours for the public and Congressmen to review the legislation.

Pelosi said last week that she expects a vote before Veterans Day at the latest.

Late update: Rules Committee spokesman Vince Morris told reporters today that the vote timing has not been announced, but to "stay tuned for something later in the week."