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1||At the White House on October 1, 2010, President Obama announced that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was resigning his position to run for major of Chicago.

What follows is a gallery of images chronicling Emanuel's time in the White House and Washington.||Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI/Newscom&&

2||Listening to President Barack Obama during a press conference on June 23, 2009|| Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT/Newscom&&

3||With his wife, Amy.|| Photo by Jeff Malet /

4||Speaking with guests at a White House to celebrate Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month June 22, 2010.||Brendan Smialowski/Sipa Press/Newscom&&

5||With his son at a White House picnic for members of Congress on June 8, 2010.|| Gary Fabiano/Sipa Press/Newscom&&

6||In the Oval Office on July 17, 2009.||Pete Souza/Official White House Flickr &&

7||One of his infamous listening postures, September 10, 2010.|| Andrew Harrer /Pool via CNP/Newscom&&

8||At the commemoration of the D-Day landings on June 6, 2009. ||David Silpa/UPI/Newscom&&

9||Then-Rep.Emanuel spoke to reporters after a television appearance on August 5, 2007||g49/ZUMA Press/Newscom&&

10||With President Obama in the Oval Office on June 16, 2009||Pete Souza/Official White House Flickr&&

11|| ||KRT/Newscom&&

12||With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on June 16, 2009||Pete Souza/Official White House Flickr&&

13||Waiting for fireworks on July 4th, 201.||g49/ZUMA Press/Newscom&&

14||Looking on at a press conference in the Rose Garden on August 7, 2009.||Olivier Douliery/MCT/Newscom&&

15||Reading USA Today in the Oval Office on April 24, 2009.||Pete Souza/Official White House Flickr&&

16||With Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano listening to Obama welcome Mexican President Felipe Calderón of Mexico on May 19, 2010.||Ron Sachs - CNP/Newscom&&

17||With Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) after Obama signed the health care reform bill into law on March 23, 2010.||Ron Sachs - CNP/Newscom&&

18||Speaking at the Global Cities Forum in Chicago on April 27, 2010.||Nancy Stone/MCT/Newscom&&

19||Listening to Obama on June 26, 2009.||Bill Zars/Rapport Press/Newscom&&

20||With Secretary of State Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden in the Oval Office on May 28, 2009||WASHINGTON POOL/SIPA/Newscom&&

21||With actress Eva Longoria Parker at the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner.|| McMullan Co/SIPA/Newscom&&

22||Clearly amused.||zumaredwestphotos/ Newscom&&

23||At President Obama's inauguration on Janurary 20, 2009.||2009 Owen DB/Black Star/Newscom&&

24||At the end of the news conference announcing his resignation on October 1, 2010.||Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI/Newscom&&

The placement agency that California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman used to hire Nicky Diaz as a housekeeper back in 2000 has issued a statement to Talking Points Memo, stating that they "did everything that was legally required and followed standard procedures at the time."

Diaz according to records provided by the Whitman campaign, falsely stated that she was able to work in the United States. Town & Country Resources concurred with the Whitman camp that Diaz had been untruthful.

But Diaz and her high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred alleged that Whitman and her husband knew about Diaz's immigration status. Whitman admitted that her husband may have signed off on a letter for the Social Security Administration which said that the Social Security number Diaz provided did not match with her name in their records.

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The new Rasmussen poll of the Florida gubernatorial race gives Republican former health care executive Rick Scott the lead over Democratic state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

The numbers: Scott 46%, Sink 41%. The survey of likely voters has a ±4% margin of error. In the previous Rasmussen poll from last week, Scott led by 50%-44%.

This result is similar to a Quinnipiac poll released earlier today, which put Scott ahead by 49%-43%. The TPM Poll Average gives Scott a lead of 46.8%-43.2%.

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It's too early to predict the outcome of the 2010 elections, but one thing we know for sure: If Democrats lose their majority in the House, Nancy Pelosi will not be Speaker anymore. That's certainly one of the reasons that she doesn't bat an eye (publicly, at least) when vulnerable and conservative Democrats run from her on the campaign trail.

"Sometimes Washington gets used to a rubber-stamp Congress which was the very homogeneous Congress of the Republicans," Pelosi said on PBS last night. "We are very diverse in opinion, gender, generation, geography, philosophy and the rest -- the House Democratic Caucus -- and some members did not vote for some the bills and that's their record and that's what they go out and say. I just want them to win."

But these candidates are not just running against their records. They're singling out Pelosi as the agent in Washington with whom they disagree with the most. Below, a list of the five most blatant examples of Democrats running scared from Pelosi.

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Rahm Emanuel is known more for cursing than kind words, but he choked up today as he addressed West Wing staffers for a final speech announcing his departure from the White House.

Rahm said he knows he's supposed to be "tough" but talked about the honor he feels it has been working for President Obama. He said Obama has tackled massive challenges and credited the president with rescuing the economy from freefall. You can watch the video below.

[TPM SLIDESHOW: So Rahm, Farewell: A Salute To Rahm Emanuel's Time In Washington]

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1||Pete Rouse will be stepping into the White House chief of staff role as current chief of staff Rahm Emanuel departs Washington to run for mayor of Chicago. Rouse has worked with Obama for years, starting as a top Senate aide. ||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

2||Rouse joined Obama's team after his former boss Tom Daschle (D-SD) lost reelection in 2004, the same year Obama won his Senate race. He helped Obama make the decision to run for president.||Pete Souza/Chicago Tribune/MCT&&

3|| ||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

4||Rouse is known for a subdued working style that's the opposite of Emanuel's.||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

5||April 15: President Obama delivers a birthday present to Rouse, who has been a senior advisor since Obama was sworn in.||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

6|| Rouse has roots in Alaska and has worked with candidates there, earning Sarah Palin's ire.||Pete Souza - White House via CNP&&

7|| In making the announcement today, Obama said there's a West Wing expression that if there is a problem, "Let's let Pete fix it."||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

8||Rouse earned the nickname 'The 101st Senator' when working on Capitol Hill. Insiders believe he can help Obama navigate Congressional relations, especially if Republicans take over the House.||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

9|| Obama noted today Rouse is camera shy and, unlike Emanuel, "Pete has never seen or a microphone or a tv camera that he likes."||CNN

The liberal group Patriot Majority PAC has a new ad in the Nevada Senate race, slamming Sharron Angle's opposition to abortion even in the cases of rape and incest -- and using her own words regarding such situations.

The ad has a visual of a sitting, silent and scared-looking young woman, presumably meant to represent a rape victim. The announcer discusses Angle's position on the issue, with audio of Angle herself cutting in at key points.

"Every four minutes in America, a woman is sexually assaulted. Almost half are teenage or younger. But for a victim of rape or incest, Sharron Angle would force her to have the baby. Angle says, 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' For girls raped by a relative, Angle says they should just make, 'a lemon situation into lemonade.' If that's not extreme, what is? Sharron Angle -- too dangerous to have real power over real people."

The TPM Poll Average currently puts Reid ahead by 47.7%-45.2%.

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About 60 years ago, the United States government intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhea and syphilis without their knowledge or permission.

The report is based on a study by Susan M. Reverby, a professor at Wellesley College.

"In 1946-48, Dr. John C. Cutler, a PHS physician who would later be part of the Syphilis Study in Alabama in the 1960s and continue to defend it two decades after it ended in the 1990s, was running a syphilis inoculation project in Guatemala, co-sponsored by the PHS, the National Institutes of Health, the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the Pan American Health Organization), and the Guatemalan government," Reverby, wrote.

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