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You thought the Kentucky Stomping Story had been swallowed by the news cycle? Think again.

The identification of the Kentucky Stomper -- former Rand Paul volunteer Tim Profitt -- allowed Lexington police to issue a criminal summons in the case. He'll soon appear in district court and possibly face charges. But Lexington police say the investigation is still ongoing, and they may pursue the other Paul-supporters who participated in the assault.

"At this point, the investigation is still ongoing," public information officer Sherelle Roberts told ABC News. "We're looking into other individuals who may have been involved in the assault and could get charged."

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The new CNN poll of California provides further corroboration that Democrats Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer are on track in their respective gubernatorial and Senate races.

The gubernatorial numbers: Brown 51%, Republican Meg Whitman 44%. In the previous poll from a month ago, Brown led by 52%-43%. The TPM Poll Average has Brown ahead by 49.0%-41.3%.

The Senate numbers: Boxer 50%, Republican Carly Fiorina 45%. In the previous poll from a month ago, Boxer led by 52%-43%. The TPM Poll Average has Boxer ahead by 47.4%-43.4%.

The survey of likely voters has a ±3.5% margin of error.

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The new CNN poll of the Pennsylvania Senate race gives Republican Pat Toomey a narrow lead over Democrat Joe Sestak.

The numbers, among likely voters: Toomey 49%, Sestak 45%. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.5% margin of error. In the previous poll from a month ago, Toomey led by 49%-44%.

This poll also provides a further data point about how the enthusiasm gap is hurting Democrats. Among registered voters, a wider pool than the likely voters, Sestak actually leads by 47%-43%, up from a 45%-45% tie in the last poll.

The TPM Poll Average gives Toomey a lead of 46.1%-43.7%.

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The new CNN poll of the Nevada Senate races suggests that Republican Sharron Angle is expanding her narrow lead against Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The numbers: Angle 49%, Reid 45%, and Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian 2%. In a direct two-way race, Angle leads Reid by 51%-45%. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.5% margin of error.

In the previous CNN poll from three weeks ago, Angle was ahead by only two points, leading in the three-way race by a narrower 42%-41%-5%, and in the two-way race by 47%-45%.

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 49.6%-46.6%.

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The Illinois Republican Party, which along with other Republican groups has attacked the Justice Department's enforcement of the MOVE Act, wants the DOJ to force the state board of elections to accept military ballots postmarked after election day.

The MOVE Act, which is new this election, requires states to send overseas military voters absentee ballots at least 45 days before the election. Several states were granted waivers because of late primary dates but several, including Illinois, still failed to get their ballots out on time.

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Oh boy. After months and months of insisting that she really doesn't oppose Social Security -- despite her past statements about wanting to phase it out -- now a tape has surfaced of Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle decrying the program as an example of society's "wicked ways." And this was just two and a half weeks ago.

As Politico reports, an audio recording was uploaded to the Democratic National Committee's Accountability Project site, of Angle speaking at a church on October 10. During her speech, Angle offered a confession for America's sins -- going beyond just the standard religious conservative issues of abortion, but also the legislation of divorce, and various social welfare programs.

"And yet we're saying, 'Well, the government, we have all these programs now. Aid for Families with Dependent Children and Medicare and Social Security,'" said Angle. "That's fine, but isn't it we that should be thinking about this, isn't it us that should be caring in our community for those that the Lord has called us to? Didn't he say you honor him, you love him if you've cared for these the least among you? So we do have a lot of wicked ways that we can confess as a church, and I think that's what he's calling us to now."

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The Ohio Attorney General's office announced today that Blanca Contreras, an associate of the alleged charity scammer and GOP donor known as "Bobby Thompson," had been arraigned after being extradited from North Carolina. She pleaded not guilty to charges of racketeering, money laundering, and aggravated theft. Bond was set at $2 million.

Contreras served as the acting treasurer for U.S. Navy Veterans Association, a fraudulent charity that Thompson allegedly operated from 2003 to 2010.

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Conservatives are pushing new video of Monday's stomping incident in Kentucky, which they say proves's Lauren Valle was trying to "assault" Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul before Paul volunteers wrestled her to the ground and Paul's Bourbon County coordinator Tim Profitt stepped on her head.

"As the video clearly demonstrates, Valle was there to do more than simply 'hold a sign,'" a RedState blogger who posted the new video today wrote. "Paul supporters were not reacting to a mere dislike of her message."

The blogger writes that "none of that is any excuse, nor even mitigating circumstances, when it comes to Profitt stomping on Valle's head," but says the tape shows that any notion that Valle was "the victim of an angry mob who simply 'didn't like her message'" is "demonstrably false."

What do we learn from the new video? Not a lot. It depicts the chaotic clash of supporters outside the Senate debate in Lexington that preceded the stomping, just as all witness accounts and Valle's own recounting have said. Conservatives touting the video say it shows Valle "attempting to assault" Paul but it also appears she was getting pushed from behind.

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A Cincinnati Catholic school sent a letter of apology to parents after Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) got a little off-topic in a speech given to elementary school students from first through eighth grade: she began talking about how abortion is killing a child in the womb.

"She defined abortion as the taking of a child's life in the mother's womb," the apology letter said. "She indicated that abortion involves the killing of a child before it is born. She was not graphic or any more detailed in this regard."

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