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Earlier today we reported on Ben Howe’s piece declaring the winner of last night’s GOP debate to be businessman Herman Cain. In a post on HotAir, Ed Morrissey agrees, pointing to Cain’s answer about overcoming colon cancer as the sole reason.

Cain pointed out that he was able to get all the care he needed with private health insurance in a span of 9 months before launching his attack; claiming his doctors told him that if government bureaucrats under Obamacare delayed any of his tests or treatments, he would have died.

“Cain’s answer applies to overregulation in general, and it serves as a pretty good explanation for the economic stagnation we are currently enduring,” Morrissey argues.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels [R] on Friday said President Obama’s life is so far removed the “world in which jobs, wealth and prosperity are made” that he can’t understand “how damaging his policies are” to economic prosperity.

“He just inhabits a different planet, I think, in that respect,” Daniels said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.


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Former Bush Administration speechwriter and FrumForum Editor David Frum is unabashedly not a Perry supporter. He too joins the growing consensus that the Texas governor did really badly in last night’s debate. He only differs in just how badly he thinks Perry did.

Frum contends that Perry has opened himself up to the low-ranking challenger Jon Huntsman, and that the former Obama ambassador and Utah governor could actually challenge him from the right.

He points out that Huntsman is touting his jobs creation record in Utah, and saying that unlike the “Texas Miracle,” in Utah it was no miracle: it was easily explained through his Wall Street Journal-friendly policies.

Frum goes on to argue:

Now that Perry, the last great non-Romney hope, looks more and hopeless, Huntsman has a real chance to present himself as the Buckley candidate: the most conservative viable candidate. If this plan works, it will raise two thoughts: What a nimble piece of campaigning by Huntsman! Perry followed the obvious path (lurch hard right to gain the Tea Party, then pivot to the center to appear electable) – and tripped over his own feet. Huntsman did the opposite, feinting left to gain elite media support – then reasserting his previous conservative credentials on abortion and taxes.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will have to choose quickly between caving to House Republicans and fighting back. At stake are relief funds for victims of natural disasters across the country and potentially a government shutdown.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, House Republicans passed divisive legislation that would avoid a government shutdown at the end of September. But it includes a provision that erects a new, controversial standard: emergency disaster relief funds must be offset by cutting federal programs the House minority likes.

Democrats are prepared to cut a deal on the amount of disaster aid Congress should provide FEMA. But they're dead set against the concept of offsetting, and the particular offset the GOP chose: a hybrid vehicle manufacturing incentive that's proven to create jobs.

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The last installment in our series, “Howe Vents,” admires the best of the eviscerating comments RedState’s Ben Howe lays on the rest of the GOP field.

On Ron Paul: “an anti-Semitic insane Person.”

On Gary Johnson: “Ron Paul with less charisma.”

On Herman Cain: “his 9,9,9 plan creates a new tax, tax, tax.”

Conservative commentator Ben Howe just had too many great thoughts for one post. In addition to roundly panning the field and questioning Perry’s debate skills, Howe found time to take on Jon Huntsman as well.

“John Huntsman is so slimy in his approach, I keep waiting for him to rip his skin off and reveal that he’s actually John Edwards,” Howe quips.

Speaking on Friday at CPAC in Florida, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) responded to the wave of criticism he has received over his debate performance. “It’s not the smoothest candidate or the slickest debater that we need to elect,” the candidate said.

Perry has been roundly criticized by all sides for his lackluster debate performances so far in the 2012 campaign.

RedState contributor Ben Howe needs a hero, and Rick Perry isn’t him. In a post today, he writes: “He seems to have the debate skills of a mute foreign exchange student with all the wit of John Kerry.  Meanwhile he uses lefty tactics like telling people that disagree with him that they ‘don’t have a heart.’”

Howe was liberal with his criticism, calling the field of GOP contenders “a panel of damaged goods best relegated to sniping at each other or making statements that cause their staunchest allies to stare in bewilderment.”