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"I am friends with and helped promote two of the guys who signed the Complaint against Mark. Someone should tell Mark to look at my profile on my firm website, my SEC press releases, and advise Mark to add me to his defense team."

Those are the words of former SEC Fort Worth enforcement chief Spencer Barasch, in a 2008 email pitching his services to a person close to Mark Cuban, the billionaire Texas businessman then facing an SEC insider trading complaint, the Dallas Morning News reports.

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One big winner in Arizona's draconian new immigration law? Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Since the law was signed last week, the hard-line Maricopa County lawman has been making the media rounds to praise it, as well as to thumb his nose at the federal investigation into his own controversial immigration enforcement tactics. And lately he's even been talking up a possible run for governor.

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Kentucky Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, a candidate in the Democratic primary for Senate, has a new TV ad proclaiming his staunch opposition to cap-and-trade -- a prime example of how environmental issues can cut against liberals in a coal state.

"I'll be a champion for Kentucky coal," Mongiardo says, then making an accusation against his opponent in the primary, state Attorney General Jack Conway: "My opponent Jack Conway supported cap and trade, and has invested millions in a Texas natural gas company."

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Even though Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is an incumbent Senator in the current majority party, he is nevertheless aiming to position himself as an outsider for this anti-incumbent year -- touting his opposition to the Wall Street bailout in his new TV ad.

"Before we make a decision, we weigh the consequences -- not just how it affects us today, but how it impacts us tomorrow," Feingold says. "It's why I've been tough on wasteful spending, and it's why you told me to stand up to Wall Street and the big banks. So I said 'no' to the bailout."

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Former Congressman Tom Tancredo -- the same guy who said we should send the president back to Kenya and said a Supreme Court nominee is part of the "Latino KKK" -- said this weekend that the new Arizona immigration law goes a little too far.

"If I had anything to say about it, we'd be doing it in Colorado," Tancredo told Denver news station KDVR. But, he said, "I do not want people here, there in Arizona, pulled over because you look like should be pulled over."

The law, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday, requires law enforcement officers to demand immigration papers from anyone they have a "reasonable suspicion" may be in the country illegally.

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At a superficial level, the impasse over financial reform looks an awful lot like the early days of the health care fight, with Republicans and Democrats meeting privately to reach an elusive, perhaps impossible compromise. And we all remember how that story ended. But peer closely and the two stories are different in so many ways, politically and philosophically, that it's hard to imagine this turns into health care redux.

Perhaps the most important distinction is the politics. Republicans just don't want to go down killing Wall Street reform legislation. That's why they've softened their tone, and that's why they say they're confident they'll ultimately be able to vote for a bill. No doubt they don't mind a bit of delay--every day spent negotiating is another day the Senate doesn't address climate change, immigration, the coming Supreme Court nomination and on and on. But they can't keep up a weeks-long ruse that they're negotiating in good faith, when in fact they aren't, like they did on health care.

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The attorney driving the story of the Birther Army doctor facing a court martial for refusing orders is a former Republican Hill staffer and current personal injury lawyer who has dabbled in anti-gay activism and reportedly wrote a letter to the FBI tipping off the feds to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's use of prostitutes, months before the scandal publicly broke.

Attorney Paul Rolf Jensen runs a California law firm, Jensen & Associates, that focuses on bread and butter personal injury cases involving dog bites, seatbelt failure, and asbestos exposure.

But, says the GOP operative Roger Stone, a friend and sometimes client of Jensen's, he should not be underestimated when it comes to the case of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.

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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is calling for a possible lawsuit against his state over it's new immigration bill. And former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who's challenging Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in the state's August 24 Republican primary, is now calling on his opponent to repudiate Gordon.

"If John McCain truly supports the bill, he needs to repudiate and denounce the Mayor's position and stand up for Arizona instead of standing by his friend and supporter who is out touch with the people of this state," Hayworth said in a press release.

Gordon endorsed McCain in this year's Senate race, and endorsed him in the 2008 presidential election, too.

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