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Newly-elected Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is already busy at work, on such issues as fundraising and party organization -- and turning the page from predecessor Michael Steele, who he defeated for re-election last week.

"I have no goal to become ... some cable TV rock star," Priebus told USA Today. "I'm the guy from Wisconsin. I'm somebody who is willing to work like a dog."

And, it seems, part of working like a dog means getting rid of the people who worked for Michael Steele.

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Jon Stewart glibly told the nation last night to not fret about the country's enormous debt to China, saying the tab was so big that China couldn't call it in without setting off a global economic catastrophe.

"When a country owes you $1 billion, they've got a problem," Stewart began. "But when a country owes you $1 trillion, you've got a problem. "

"We're AIG," he added.

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This morning, MSNBC's Pat Buchanan defended Rick Santorum's remark about President Obama's stance on abortion, saying his "facts are right" and "Santorum is saying that you've constricted it and taken that right of personhood and life away from a whole class of folks" by not considering unborn children people who are protected by the Constitution. And that "was exactly what was done to African-Americans for 250 years, and you go to Dred Scott, they are not persons under the Constitution."

Santorum said earlier this week that "I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say, 'we're going to decide who are people and who are not people.'"

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Last night, Stephen Colbert helped his viewers understand just what Rush Limbaugh was saying when Limbaugh imitated the Chinese president's language with a string of sounds that might have featured in a movie or radio show from the first half of the last century.

"My favorite doughnut is every doughnut," Colbert's translation read. "When I stand up, my chair smells like a cat shelter."

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Nine months after it was first floated by the Obama administration, a plan to "modernize" Miranda rights doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the legislative branch. But Attorney General Eric Holder issued a guidance a few months ago that the Justice Department says sets no specific time limit on the so-called public safety exception.

The Justice Department has indicated that the guidance, which is still not public, takes care of most of the issues about which they were concerned without any input from Congress or the courts.

"While law enforcement has been employing this practice for some time - including during the Dec. 25 attempted bombing, we wanted to make clear this guidance and undertook process to refine it and once that process was complete - sent it out," Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd told TPM.

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While other potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates fall all over themselves to appeal to the tea party base that represents one of the most enthusiastic groups in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney's taking a different approach.

Though the former Massachusetts governor is considered a leading contender in the race to take on President Obama next year, the Boston Globe reports that he's done little to court what most observers expect will be a key component of the primary electorate: the tea party activists who so altered the GOP landscape in 2010.

From the Globe:

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