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In the latest development on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where conservative Justice David Prosser has been accused of physically assaulting liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, the principal investigation of the matter has now been turned over to the Sheriff's Office in Dane County (Madison).

The sheriff's office said in a statement issued Monday:

Today, at the request of the Wisconsin Capital Police Department, the Dane County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation into the June 13th incident involving an alleged altercation at the offices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Dane County Sheriff's Office recognizes the significance and sensitive nature of this investigation. Beginning today, detectives will work diligently to conduct a thorough and timely investigation. Because this case is in the very early stages, no further information is available at this time.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs, whose office had originally received a report of the alleged incident, has instead turned the matter over to the Dane County Sheriff's office after consulting with members of the Supreme Court itself.

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A Chicago jury has found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of 17 of the 20 charges in his corruption trial, including multiple charges of wire fraud and bribery, and attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat.

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The Bachmann campaign staff might want to double-check their Google searches. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who on Monday launched her presidential campaign in her original hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, appears to be just a bit confused about the town's history of favorite sons.

In an interview with Fox News, Bachmann boasted: "But what I want them to know, just like John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the kind of spirit that I have, too."

About that spirit of "John Wayne" in Waterloo...

In fact, the actor John Wayne (real name, Marion Morrison) was from Iowa, but not from Waterloo -- he was from Winterset, Iowa, about 120 miles away. But as it turns out, there was another "John Wayne" with some history in Waterloo: Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, known as the "Killer Clown," who raped and murdered over 30 young men before he was finally incarcerated and put to death.

Though if it helps Bachmann at all, Gacy is not known to have committed any murders when he lived in Waterloo, though he was imprisoned for a sexual assault case that was committed there.

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Budget commissions are all the rage right now, and Dick Armey's Freedomworks have put together a Tea Party-flavored panel of their own to try and mark down a specific legislative goals for the movement.

According to the group, the Tea Party Debt Commission is modeled the White House's own commission, led by Erksine Bowles and Alan Simpson, which recommended about $4 trillion in savings through cuts and revenue increases and drew support from Democratic and Republican Senators who are now trying to negotiate a similar deal amongst themselves. Rather than relying on a blue-ribbon gathering of economists, former budget officials, and retired lawmakers, however, the Tea Party version will consist of 18 local activists from 2012 swing states and focus on finding a consensus among the grassroots.

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The conservative majority of the Supreme Court on Monday struck down an Arizona campaign finance law that offered political candidates facing well-funded opponents a subsidy to "level the playing field" and protect from public corruption.

Chief Justice John Roberts and the conservative majority agreed with the five conservative politicians and two political action committees who argued that the law stifled free speech, claiming it meant they were punished if they raised too much money because the government would subsidize their opponents.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann may look like the first Republican woman ever elected to Congress from the great state of Minnesota. But she's really just a proud and native Iowan at heart.

Formally announcing her candidacy for President in Waterloo, Iowa -- where she was born and lived for her early childhood -- Bachmann embraced The Hawkeye State as though she had never left. In a speech aimed squarely at the potential caucus voters who already seem to be into her, Bachmann talked up her Iowa roots, then talked a little policy, then talked about Iowa again.

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Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) has responded -- with some surprise and a bit of sarcastic humor -- to the reports that emerged over the weekend of conservative state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser being accused of grabbing liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley by the neck in a chokehold.

"Wow! The Supreme Court is crazier than the Legislature apparently," said Fitzgerald, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

On a more serious note, Fitzgerald said "it appears something happened" but that the details were hazy.

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