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Progressives are hoping that if Republicans won't listen to President Obama on the Buffett Rule, then maybe they'll listen to President Reagan.

The Center for American Progress unearthed video of Reagan making the case in 1985 for closing tax loopholes on the rich in strikingly similar terms to Obama, even leading an audience to cheers over the idea to tax millionaires at the same rate as bus drivers. Obama is currently promoting a plan to reform the tax code in order to prevent a billionaire like Warren Buffett from paying less than their secretary.

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Two business magnates met in New York on Monday afternoon, as Herman Cain became the latest GOP candidate to press the flesh with Donald Trump.

Speaking to Fox News ahead of the meeting, Trump praised Cain, the former CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain. "I mean, Herman Cain started with very little and look where he's come and he's doing really well in the polls. I think he's done a really terrific job. I look forward to meeting him," he said. "He just seems like a really nice guy and a good character to me."

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The Occupy Wall Street protests have reached their third week in New York, but new demonstrations are popping up across the country in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, the AP reports.

Updated 12:52 pm ET, Monday, October 3

Another week, another legal headache for the world's largest social network. Make that at least two legal headaches, to be exact: One regarding the name of Facebook's new crown-jewel feature, "Timeline," and the other more serious allegation about its tracking habits.

Facebook's buzzed-about new profile design, "Timeline," unveiled at the f8 developers conference on September 22, has come under fire from a Chicago company with the same name., which bills itself as "the first web site that enables people like you to collaboratively record, discover and share history," filed a trademark infringement suit against Facebook on Thursday in the Chicago office of the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois, requesting a temporary restraining order to prevent Facebook from rolling out its new feature.

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For a CIA operative, Raymond Davis sure has trouble keeping a low profile.

Earlier this year Davis sparked a diplomatic standoff after shooting two men dead on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan.

Now Davis -- who was freed in March after two months in Pakistani custody only after a deal was reached to pay $2.34 million in 'blood money' to the victims' families -- on Saturday was arrested after a scuffle outside an Einstein Bagels south of Denver, the Associated Press reports.

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By Kim Barker and Habiba Nosheen, ProPublica, and Raheel Khursheed, Special to ProPublica

The night should have been a coup for Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai. Once a poor villager from halfway around the world, Fai had become the go-to man in Washington, D.C., for his cause, Kashmir, the Himalayan region long caught in a tug of war between Pakistan and India.

And there he was on March 4, 2010, hosting a fundraiser for Rep. Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who had been the chief supporter in Congress of Fai's Kashmiri American Council for 20 years. In some ways, the event inside Fai's home in Fairfax, Va., symbolized everything that Fai had become, featuring speeches in the living room and kebabs and curries in the basement.

But it barely camouflaged how Fai's carefully built world was collapsing.

The FBI was monitoring almost every move Fai made, every email he sent, every call he received. Investigators believed Fai's main donors were not well-meaning idealists but members of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, or ISI, the most powerful of Pakistan's spy agencies.

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President Obama told ABC News on Monday that he is “still working' on his views of gay marriage, the AP reports.

Over the weekend, Obama criticized his Republican rivals for staying silent after a gay soldier was booed at a GOP presidential debate, saying the commander in chief must support gay troops even when it’s not politically convenient.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and the rest of the House GOP leadership team sent a letter to President Barack Obama Monday morning, touting what they say are two areas of common ground between themselves and Obama's jobs package.

Boehner et al are bringing the EPA Regulatory Relief Act and the Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act, bills that would slash regulations on businesses, to the House floor for votes this week. The EPA bill, which would lift restrictions on boilers used by hospitals, factories and colleges, is likely a non-starter for the administration, which is already under fire from environmental activists for easing new clean air restrictions nearly a month ago.

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