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In an unusual "open letter to the voters and citizens of Montana," the presidents of Dartmouth College and Stanford University urged Montana voters Tuesday to ignore a mailer sent recently by their researchers that caused considerable controversy in the run up the November election. They also apologized for the "confusion and concern" the mailer caused.

As TPM reported Monday, researchers from the schools sent a mailer to 100,000 Montana voters that placed non-partisan Montana Supreme Court candidates on an ideological scale. The mailer, which also featured the state seal, led to complaints, including from the Montana secretary of state, and an official inquiry is underway by state authorities.

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Updated: October 28, 2014, 1:24 PM ET

NASHVILLE, N.C. (AP) — Two people were shot outside a North Carolina courthouse Tuesday and have non-life-threatening wounds and police were searching for two suspects, authorities said.

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The FBI created a fake version of the Seattle Times to catch a suspect in a series of bomb threats to a local school, the Times reported on Tuesday, and the newspaper's editor is "outraged."

According to documents published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the FBI spoofed the Times website in 2007 with a fake Associated Press article about a series of bomb threats to Lacey’s Timberline High School. The agency then sent a link to the fake article to the suspect's MySpace account.

When the suspect opened the link, FBI software buried in the link sent the person's location and other information to the bureau's agents. A suspect was eventually arrested, according to the Times.

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