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One might think the house would look different from the others. It doesn’t, really—there are rows of peaked, double-wide Victorians just like it on this side street in West Philly. But once you step inside it’s a different story. The same way that minimalist furniture signals wealth or mustard-colored shag carpeting recalls the 1970s, the sheer density of stuff in this expansive foyer is unmistakably that of a collective home.

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The Atlantic proved it believed in second chances on Wednesday when it published an essay by Jared Keller, a former staffer who was fired last month for plagiarism at the news startup Mic.

"We're well aware of his mistakes," Anna Bross, senior director of communications at The Atlantic, told TPM in an email after Keller's piece — "What Makes Americans So Optimistic" — went up Wednesday morning.

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