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The road to Wal-Mart is long and straight. Thanks to an exceptionally rainy spring, the roadside is freckled with wildflowers; on this particular post-rainstorm afternoon, the clouds hang low in the sky, looking particularly creamy and plump. For 80 miles, there is absolutely nothing to buy.

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BALTIMORE (AP) — Antoinette Perrine has barricaded her front door since her brother was killed three weeks ago on a basketball court near her home in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore. She already has iron bars outside her windows and added metal slabs on the inside to deflect the gunfire.

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Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said on Wednesday night that more Americans identify as socially liberal because fewer Americans now "understand important issues."

O'Reilly referenced a Gallup poll released last week, which found that for the first time since 1999, Americans are equally likely to identify as socially liberal as they are to identify as socially conservative.

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