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David Axelrod is trying to buck up despairing Democrats, arguing that the numbers show President Obama is in better shape for re-election than he looks. Paired with Obama's own reassurances at a fundraiser Thursday night, a clear message is emerging from the campaign: everyone chill out -- I got this.

It's not hard to see how Democrats might be down right now given that the president is at a low point in his approval ratings and the economy shows no signs of improving anytime soon. But Axelrod's memo urges the base to look at the race in the context of Obama's likely Republican opponents, the unpopular GOP Congress, and Democrats' relative unity.

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Tuscon’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was on lockdown Friday afternoon amid unconfirmed reports of gunfire. Contrary to earlier reports, an Air Force spokeswoman told the AP that no shots have been fired, but an ambulance has been spotted on the base along with two fire trucks. A spokesman just confirmed to gathered reporters that the ambulance was unrelated to the incident; it was called in order to transport a pregnant woman to the hospital.

The base is home to two elementary schools.

The ongoing ethics probe of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) time as Milwuakee County Executive all stems from a uniquely modern-day source -- blog commenting.

For his part, Walker has not commented publicly on the latest developments, the Associated Press reports -- he was out of the state on Thursday, campaigning for Republicans in Kentucky, and his office has declined to comment.

The trouble all began in 2010, when Walker was a candidate for governor. Darlene Wink, his constituent services coordinator in the county, resigned after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that she had been using state time to post comments on the paper's articles, promoting Walker and criticizing his opponents in the gubernatorial race.

For example, one comment criticized Walker's opponent in the Republican primary, former Congressman Mark Neumann: "Conservatives need to listen to what Neumann is really saying - the true conservative in the race for Governor is Walker." Wink posted her comments under the handle "RPMCVP" -- a reference to her dual position as vice chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party.

Since her resignation, the investigation has continued very much under the radar. An additional part of the murkiness of the situation is that the investigation is what is known in Wisconsin as a "John Doe" investigation -- a secret proceeding in which witnesses can be subpoenaed to testify under oath, but are forbidden from talking publicly about the case.

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Updated 12:52 p.m. ET, Friday, September 16 It looks as though the International Space Station won't have to be temporarily abandoned after all

NASA announced late Thursday that it plans to send an American astronaut up on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, along with two Russian cosmonauts, on Nov. 14, to ensure that the station remains continuously crewed.

That's a reassuring turn of events in the wake of an August 24 crash of an unmanned Soyuz rocket shortly after launch.

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Air Force officials tell NBC that there have been no shots fired at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The base is currently on lockdown over a “potential security situation.”

An ABC affiliate in Arizona reports that it’s a possible a gunman is in the Civil Engineering building at the Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson. KGUN hasn’t been able to reach authorities to confirm the claim. Read more here.

Donald Trump had dinner with Rick Perry on Wednesday. Or at least that's who he thought it was: the New York billionaire referred to him as "Jim" in an interview the very next day.

But was it a flub, or an odd formality? Perry's full name is James Richard Perry.

"Well I had dinner last night with Jim Perry, I was impressed with him," he said in a video posted on The Street. Trump previously ate pizza with Sarah Palin at Famiglia and said he'll meet with Mitt Romney soon. Or Willard Romney, whatever.

Video below.

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Two Muslim groups that have had generally positive relationships with the federal government have separately written the Justice Department and the FBI asking for investigations of anti-Muslim information used in FBI counterterrorism training.

Salam Al-Marayti, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), wrote FBI Director Robert Mueller asking for an immediate internal investigation and a reassessment of the vetting process of trainers.

Al-Marayti wrote that MPAC was "greatly concerned" about the training materials used by the FBI, which he said employed "highly selective use of quotes and sources from Islamic scripture; and, Dangerously false and reductive presentation of one of the most vibrant and visible faith communities in America."

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