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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg during his weekly radio address took some shots at the growing anti-Wall Street protests in lower Manhattan and around the country.

“The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people in this city aren’t productive,” Bloomberg said, according to the Village Voice

Bachmann emails supporters:

With the breaking news that Governor Palin and Governor Christie will not seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States — there is only one true conservative in this race. […]

The other candidates can talk the talk, but I am the only one who is actually “walking the walk.“ As a member of Congress, I have fought every single day against the Washington establishment for our conservative values and beliefs. I am not in politics for my personal benefit — I am a public servant because I know and believe Americans deserve better.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Friday responded to Eric Cantor’s uneasiness with the anti-Wall Street protests, saying “I sense a little hypocrisy unbound here.”

“What we’re seeing on the street of (New York) is an expression of democracy,” Carney said. …“I can’t understand how one man’s mob is another man’s democracy.”

“We’ve seen with this president, experience matters,” former Sen. Rick Santorum told the audience at the Value Voters Summit on Friday. “When that phone call comes at three o'clock in the morning, I will be up and ready for the call because I will know what’s going on in the world around us.”

“Experience is eight years on the Armed Services Committee transforming the military. You saw in all the debates, I get all the moral and culture questions. I get all the questions on abortion and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and marriage and you know what, bring it on.”

Rep. Michelle Bachmann told Fox News that she found her bad-lip reading video “hilarious” after the network played some of the footage for her on Thursday.

“I love it. I just love it,” she said.

Ryan J. Reilly reports:

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) told the audience he was at the Values Voters Summit “every year because I’m a value voter.”

He then suggested that “value voters” should also pay attention to the husbands and wives of the people actually on the ballot.

“When you look at someone to determine whether they’d be the right person for public office, look at who they lay down with at night and what they believe,” Santorum said.

The leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Robert Jeffress, will endorse Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit in Washington today, according to a release dropped off with reporters by SBC staff at VVS today.

Jeffress will introduce Perry later this afternoon when he speaks at VVS.

Reuters reports: “Credit rating agency Moody’s downgraded Britain’s part-nationalized banks Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland on Friday, although Britain’s finance minister said UK banks were well-placed to cope with a European debt crisis.”

The Des Moines Register now reports that Iowa’s tentative caucus date is January 3, and will be followed by a formal vote in mid-October.