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The FBI on Wednesday arrested and charged a Florida man with hacking into the accounts of several Hollywood celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, whose nude photos were scattered far and wide across the Web in September.

Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Florida, was picked up outside the state by the FBI on Wednesday and indicted by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles, California, the culmination of a year-long investigation the agency dubbed "Operation Hackerazzi," according to a statement posted on the FBI's Los Angeles bureau website.

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President Obama's approval rating is only 43 percent in Iowa. But that's higher than any Republican candidate can get against him.

Public Policy Polling released new data on Wednesday showing Obama out in front of every member of the GOP field in head-to-head matchups, despite 53 percent of Iowans who disapprove of his job performance. The closest competitor is former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, who is bested by Obama 46 - 42 in a trial heat. Businessman Herman Cain is next closest, but still gets beaten 47 - 41. Former frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry is down ten, 49 - 39.

"Obama's unpopular in Iowa but he appears to be in position to win the state next year anyway," said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling in a release. "Extended exposure to the Republican field of candidates doesn't seem to have Democrats and independents in Iowa pining to vote for the GOP next fall."

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Adrian Chen | Gawker

Last year, the FBI admitted to using large portions of a random Spanish politician's campaign photograph for an age-progressed mockup of Osama bin Laden, which happened to look a lot like the random Spanish politician. Now he's suing.

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Herman Cain has picked up a new endorsement in New Hampshire, who just might be able to help him unite the Tea Party activist vote: Former state GOP chair Jack Kimball, who was ousted from the job last month.

The endorsement came Wednesday afternoon, reports Josh McElveen from local TV station WMUR.

On the one hand, Kimball's support could help Cain consolidate support among the Tea Partiers who had helped Kimball himself win the state GOP chairmanship. But on the other hand, Kimball also brings with him a tumultuous record from his service at the GOP, a position from which he was eventually forced out.

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National Review reports:

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) compared the Occupy Wall Street protesters to foreign socialists after a press conference today. ”We’ve seen those kind of protesters all over the world, many of them are Marxist, many of them are anarchist,” he said. “It’s an odd group.”

He also said the protesters have nothing like “the basic American legitimacy the Tea Party has.”

Reuters reports:

AOL Inc CEO Tim Armstrong has been meeting with top shareholders in the past couple of weeks to push the idea of a sale to Yahoo Inc that could wring up to $1.5 billion of cost savings, according to sources with knowledge of the discussions.

Federal prosecutors are asking a federal judge to send Jack Abramoff associate Kevin Ring to jail for four years and two months when he's sentenced on Oct. 26.

The Justice Department argued in a Tuesday filing that Ring should serve three years probation after his release and perform community service in lieu of a fine. Ring -- who was convicted of conspiracy, paying of an illegal gratuity and three counts of honest services fraud -- had asked for five years probation for his role in the Abramoff scandal.

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Now that Republicans have successfully blocked debate on President Obama's full jobs bill, Senate Dems plan to break it into pieces -- force tough votes for Republicans on issues they've supported in the past like infrastructure spending and payroll tax cuts. But all those things cost money or deplete revenues, and in this austerity-obsessed Congress, nothing will pass unless its paid for. So Dems will present the GOP with a stark choice: side with the unemployed or side with rich people.

At his weekly Capitol press briefing Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explained that the cost of each jobs proposal will be offset "with the tax that the vast majority of the American people support. That is, taxing just a little bit people making more than a million dollars a year."

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And so it begins. On a press call Wednesday, David Axelrod -- the chief adviser to President Obama's reelection campaign -- took direct aim at Mitt Romney, signalling that Obama's campaign is ready to engage with the man most see as the likely Republican nominee at this point.

To take on Romney, Axelrod used an old saw: The man is a flip-flopper, he told reporters.

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