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Seeking to defuse his biggest vulnerability in the GOP primaries, Mitt Romney is set to deliver a speech outlining his position on health care on Thursday. The issue has been his glass jaw ever since 2009, when Democrats launched a successful push to pass health care reform modeled on a Massachusetts law widely considered Romney's signature achievement as governor.

The element of both laws that is most despised by those on the right is a requirement that people purchase insurance, leaving Romney in the awkward position of fiercely defending his own law's use of a mandate while labeling it an unconstitutional government takeover on a national level.

"Governor Romney has made it very clear over the last many years, including during the 2008 presidential cycle, that he opposes a federally imposed individual mandate," a Romney spox told NRO this week.

While it's true that Romney did not call for a federal mandate in the 2008 election, he has in fact supported two sweeping health care proposals in Congress that included an individual mandate, the most recent in 2009. In addition, he's repeatedly boasted that Massachusetts mandate would -- and should -- eventually be adopted on a widespread scale.

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by Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica

During his final years, Osama bin Laden expressed interest in everything from killing President Obama to his deputies' personalities to an article in an extremist magazine that he didn't like, according to two U.S. officials familiar with material seized during the raid that killed bin Laden.

A trove of digital communications and hand-written notes show how bin Laden ran his weakened network from his solitary hideout in a garrison town in Pakistan. He was especially engaged in decisions about leadership posts and developing plots, the officials said.

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The stark differences between Democrats and Republicans on the oil industry and rising gas prices are on vivid display in Congress this week, as Democrats continue to demand an end to tax subsidies for the big-five oil giants while House Republicans pushed through a bill to expand offshore oil drilling.

A group of Senate Democrats gathered at an ExxonMobil station a stone's throw from the Capitol to call on the top five oil producers to voluntarily swear off $25 billion in industry incentives and tax breaks over the next decade.

Against the backdrop of a sign displaying $4.29 for regular unleaded, Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), Bob Menendez (NJ) and Debbie Stabenow (MI), said oil companies have made a record $125 billion profit, and in tough budgetary times, don't need the tax breaks in order to create incentives for more oil and gas exploration.

"It's time for the big oil companies to give up the subsidies and pay their fair share of the deficit reduction," Menendez said.

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Don't worry, American youth: Mike Huckabee has fixed American history. No longer will you suffer under what Huckabee calls "the 'blame America first' attitude prevalent in today's teaching."

Late Wednesday, Huckabee announced, a sort of BMG Music Club for what he calls "unbiased" historical lessons for kids. For around $15 each, the company will send you a new animated tale of American history each month, told through the eyes of a gang of time traveling kids.

The first video (available for just $9.95, with a gift bag full of goodies)? "The Reagan Revolution." Naturally.

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In response to the Obama administration's renewed efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, Senate Republicans introduced legislation on Wednesday that would codify the detention facility as the primary location for current and future detainees.

"Attorney General Holder and President Obama: Guantanamo Bay is not going to close," Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said at a press conference introducing the bill. "I respect Holder, but let me say categorically there is no pathway forward when it comes to closing Guantanamo in the foreseeable future."

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Just a few months removed from last year's midterm elections, the wave that swept Republicans to an epic victory has already receded, as they now trail Democrats in a generic election ballot, according to the latest TPM Poll Average.

Last year, Republicans held a huge edge in generic ballot surveys as voters turned against the party in power, Democrats. But since taking over control of the House of Representatives back in January, that big lead has quickly evaporated, giving Democrats an edge they haven't had in the TPM Poll Average in about a year and a half, since November 2009.

The poll that tipped the scales came this week from CNN. In that survey of adults nationwide, Democrats emerged with a 50% to 46% edge over Republicans. As a result, the TPM Poll Average shifted just enough to give Democrats a tiny lead, 42.4% to 42.2%.

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Republicans say they've found the problem in America -- and that problem is the basic framework of the Union as we know it today.

A group of Republicans in the House and Senate are proposing an amendment to the Constitution that would allow a vote by two-thirds of the states' legislatures to override any federal law they did not agree with.

The proposed constitutional amendment, a tea party favorite, is being touted by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) in the Senate and co-sponsored by Sens. John Barasso (R-WY) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT). In the House, Reps. Rob Bishop (R-UT), Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Paul Broun (R-GA) are leading the charge.

The goal, according to proponents, is to stop the tyranny of Washington over the economy and circumscribe other federal powers.

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) has officially launched his much-awaited campaign for president -- officially returning to electoral politics for the first time since 1998, when he resigned as Speaker and from the House after Democrats gained seats and weakened Gingrich's hold on the GOP leadership.

"I'm Newt Gingrich, and I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States," Gingrich says in a YouTube video, "because I believe we can return America to hope and opportunity, to full employment, to real security, to an American energy program, to a balanced budget."

Also in the video, Gingrich sought to remind voters of his past accomplishments, by looking back on the 1980s and 1990s, when he served in Congress. "I worked with President Ronald Reagan, in a very difficult period," Gingrich says. "We got jobs created again, Americans proud of America, and the Soviet Union disappeared.

"As Speaker of the House, I worked to reform welfare, to balance the budget, to control spending, to cut taxes, to create economic growth. Unemployment came down from 5.6% to under 4. And for four years, we balanced the budget and paid of $405 billion of debt.

"We've done it before, we can do it again."

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Indiana women on Medicaid who rely on Planned Parenthood for medical care might want to start looking elsewhere.

On Tuesday, a federal judge denied Planned Parenthood of Indiana's request for a temporary restraining order that would have stopped HEA 1210 -- a controversial measure that cuts off all federal funding to the state's largest reproductive health care organization -- from going into effect.

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