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The Libertarian Party announced yesterday that it kicked talk radio host Neal Boortz off the national convention's speakers list after Boortz told his listeners not to vote for third party candidates this November.

On April 2, Boortz said that, despite his lifelong membership in the Libertarian Party, he'd be voting for Republicans this November in order to defeat the Democrats. He encouraged his listeners to do the same -- like it or not.

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Last night, Jon Stewart talked to Senior Supreme Court correspondent Dash Worthington, who Stewart said has been covering the Court for The Daily Show since 1935.

When asked about Justice John Paul Stevens' retirement, Worthington said: "He's a quitter." Stewart pointed out that Stevens is 90 years old, Worthington replied: "I got into rollerblading at 90."

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Stephen Colbert had WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange on his show last night, and things got a little bit heated when Colbert accused Assange of "emotionally manipulating" his audience by editing footage of U.S. helicopters shooting Iraqis.

Colbert backed off a little when Assange explained the video's context, but added: "It's like you're saying it's better to know than not to know."

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League of American Voters' Dick Morris, fresh off his anti-health care reform ad campaign targeting Democrats, suggested on Fox & Friends this morning that President Obama "might be the first anti-American president we've ever had." But first, Morris conjured images of millions of Americans "dying in the streets coughing their lungs out" after a biological attack.

Asked by Fox News' Gretchen Carlson about "this very confusing non-proliferation treaty" that would limit U.S. use of nuclear arms, Morris said:

It's the most outrageous thing, I think, I've ever heard a president of the United States say. He's literally saying that if an American city were gassed or hit with a biological weapon and millions were dying in the streets coughing their lungs out, or in hospital wards dying of an incurable disease, we would not use nuclear weapons to reply? It is totally absurd. It's beyond belief that a president of the United States would say that and it shows that Barack Obama might be, might be the first anti-American president we've ever had.

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The federal criminal investigation of the police shootings of civilians on Danziger Bridge in post-Katrina New Orleans is just part of what the Justice Department acknowledges is an intensive review of the city's notorious police department. One option under review, TPMmuckraker has learned, is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city in a move similar to the one the Justice Department took against the Los Angeles Police Department a decade ago.

"Criminal prosecutions alone, I have learned, are not enough to change the culture of a police department," Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez told TPMmuckraker in an interview Monday.

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Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO)--who's running to replace retiring Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) in this year's midterm elections--has a position on health care reform that may prove unpopular, even with conservative voters. Blunt says adults with pre-existing conditions should not be prevented from suffering discrimination at the hands of insurance companies.

"Access for kids who have pre-existing conditions, who would be against that?" Blunt asked a group of health care professionals in Springfield, MO. "But access for adults who've done nothing to take care of themselves, who actually will have as I just described every incentive not to get insurance until the day that you know that you're going to have medical expenses--that's a very different kind of story."

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Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), the fiery liberal best known for his insults and punchlines against the Republicans, has sure been able to parlay his notoriety into financial support.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Grayson's campaign expects to report raising an astonishing $803,000 in the first quarter of 2010, and that he has $1.5 million on hand. (Over half appears to have come from a March 27 money-bomb online fundraiser, which took in $470,000.) Grayson's campaign said that the donations came from approximately 25,000 individual donors, with an average contribution of $32.

Beyond his grassroots fundraising, it should also be noted that Grayson himself is a multi-millionaire, and self-financed his 2008 campaign with about $2.6 million of his own money. But he could very well end up needing all of those small donors plus some of his own cash, hailing from a swing district that voted narrowly for Barack Obama in 2008, after a previous history of supporting Republicans.

The Tea Party movement has gained a foothold in the armed forces.

A new Tea Party group, Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots, has grown quickly since being launched last month by an active duty Marine Corps sergeant. The group, which vows to "stand up on the very soil we defended to preserve common sense conservatism and defend our Constitution that is threatened by a tyrannical government," currently has over 400 members, who have signed up through its Facebook page, though many are not active duty military. And it has close ties to the broader Tea Party movement.

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In the face of poll after brutal poll, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's re-election campaign has maintained that Reid is doing just fine, thank you very much. Their latest defense, after a Mason-Dixon poll found Reid trailing one potential challenger by eight points, is that the poll didn't include every possible option voters will have -- including "none of the above."

Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which commissioned the survey, "I'm not a poll guy."

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