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The top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee is accusing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin of violating federal ethics law by publicly promoting the film LEGO Batman, which his own company produced.

In a live interview with the news site Axios on Friday, Mnuchin was asked by an audience member to recommend a movie, to which he replied: "I am not promoting any product, but you should send all your kids to see LEGO Batman." Mnuchin added that Avatar, another film his company produced, is his "favorite movie."

It is unclear whether Mnuchin has fully divested from his company, Ratpac-Dune Entertainment, or whether he continues to personally profit from films like LEGO Batman.

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Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Monday it was "more than suspicious" that the House Intelligence Committee chairman visited the White House grounds the day before his big announcement that information on President Donald Trump and his associates was incidentally collected by the intelligence community.

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Gov. Phil Bryant signed a law Monday banning sanctuary cities and other policies that might help people who have entered the country illegally, saying he wants Mississippi to help federal agencies arrest people without legal status.

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