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1||January 19, 2011: Rep. Mike Pence's (R-IN) ambitions beyond Congress are well known. In November, Pence stepped down from his position in the House Republican leadership, leaving some wondering if he planned to run for governor of Indiana, or even president. He also won the Values Voter straw poll for both president and vice president in September. The Indianapolis Star reports that Pence will decide on a presidential bid this month.

May 11, 2010: Pence gives a tour of his office in Washington.||newscom/Tom Williams/Roll Call Photos&&

2||September 12, 2009: Pence at a tea party event organized by FreedomWorks at the U.S. Capitol.||newscom/Alexis C. Glenn/UPI&&

3||March 17, 2010.||newscom/CD1&&

4||Pence as a candidate for Congress in August 1988, meets with President Ronald Reagan in the White House's Blue Room. Pence reportedly said meeting Reagan "felt like I was talking to Mt. Rushmore!"||newscom/Mike Pence Office/Roll Call Photos&&

5||November 3, 2009: Pence marks up the House health care reform bill.||newscom/Bill Clark/Roll Call Photos&&

6||||newscom/Tom Williams/Roll Call Photos&&

7||August 3, 2009: Pence visits Cottrell's Learning Academy in Indiana.||flickr/mikepence&&

8||December 28, 2009: Pence and Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan.||flickr/mikepence&&

9||August 19, 2004: Pence during the House International Relations Committee hearing about diplomacy in the era of terrorism.||newscom/Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI&&

10||||newscom/Pete Souza/KRT&&

11||March 26, 2009: Pence with Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) during the announcement of the Republicans' budget alternative.||newscom/Kevin Dietsch/UPI&&

12||October 25, 2009: Pence runs the Marine Corps marathon in Washington.||flickr/mikepence&&

13||||newscom/Tom Williams/Roll Call Photos&&

14||||newscom/Tom Williams/Roll Call Photos&&


16||December 28, 2009: Pence visits troops at the Forward Operating Base in Arghandab River Valley in Afghanistan.||flickr/mikepence&&

17||April 23, 2010: Pence visits Muncie Southside High School in Indiana.||flickr/mikepence&&

An incendiary device found along the route of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Wash., was "likely capable of inflicting multiple casualties," the FBI said today.

A city employee found a backpack Monday morning, just before the parade was to start, in a parking lot that was both on the parade route and across the street from a performing arts center that hosted a pre-parade rally.

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An increasing number of reports are indicating that Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who is set to announce tomorrow whether he will run again, will ultimately announce that he is retiring in 2012.

The Hartford Courant reports:

"You can bet the farm" that Lieberman won't seek a fifth term in 2012, said a Democratic insider who is close to the 22-year Senate veteran. But neither Lieberman nor his Senate office would confirm that.

And now The Day in New London reports:

Sen. Joe Lieberman will announce Wednesday that he won't seek re-election in 2012, multiple sources close to the senator said on Tuesday.


The Lieberman announcement will come just a day after Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced her plans to run for his seat.

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Well, not really. But I detect a theme.

This blunder of Mr. Disraeli (from which, greatly to his credit, Sir John Pakington took an opportunity soon after of separating himself) is a speaking instance, among many, how little the Conservative leaders understand Conservative principles. Without presuming to require from political parties such an amount of virtue and discernment as that they should comprehend, and know when to apply, the principles of their opponents, we may yet say that it would be a great improvement if each party understood and acted upon its own. Well would it be for England if Conservatives voted consistently for every thing conservative, and Liberals for every thing liberal. We should not then have to wait long for things which, like the present and many other great measures, are eminently both the one and the other. The Conservatives, as being by the law of their existence the stupidest party, have much the greatest sins of this description to answer for; and it is a melancholy truth, that if any measure were proposed on any subject truly, largely, and far-sightedly conservative, even if Liberals were willing to vote for it, the great bulk of the Conservative party would rush blindly in and prevent it from being carried.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), who is being eyed by some conservative activists as a potential candidate for president, now says he will make his decision soon.

The Indianapolis Star reports:

"We've been trying to listen first to Hoosiers and then to other voices around the country about where they think we might best serve in the years ahead," Pence told about 100 people at a conference room at Henry County Hospital in New Castle, Ind. "We'll be making a decision before the end of this month."

A committee was recently organized to draft Pence, using the nondescript name "America's President Committee."

Top Republicans are claiming credit for a variety of metrics showing that the economy is improving. Expect this meme to snowball, particularly as Democrats have done little, so far, to stop it. On Fox News today, House Rules Committee Chair David Dreier (R-CA) contended the GOP deserves all the credit for recent economic growth.

"[W]e can get our economy growing. And we've gotten some positive numbers. I think it's in large part because we won our majority and we're pursuing pro-growth policies," he said.

In December, the Department of Labor announced that unemployment had fallen from 9.7 percent to 9.4 percent. Its data suggests private sector job growth has been increasing since the fall. The GOP has controlled the House for just over two weeks, but has yet to enact any major economic legislation -- and economists agree that even enacted fiscal policy will not be immediately reflected in economic growth.

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Another state is going to have a gubernatorial election in this off-year, with the West Virginia state Supreme Court ruling that the government will have to hold a special election.

The governorship became vacant this past November, when Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin won the special U.S. Senate election to replace the late Dem Sen. Robert Byrd. West Virginia does not have a lieutenant governor position, but instead Democratic state Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (D) became Acting Governor.

This led to a dispute over when the next election for governor would have to be. Tomblin had argued that it was not legally required to occur until the November 2012 general election -- when the office will be up for its regular vote, anyway -- while critics said that a special election was required before then.

In the end, the state supreme Court has come down on the side of Tomblin's critics, which will set off a special election some time this year, before November 15 -- the date last year when Manchin resigned and Tomblin took over.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Tuesday that the Justice Department has created a new unit to handle disciplinary actions arising from findings of misconduct by career federal prosecutors.

The new Professional Misconduct Review Unit will handle disciplinary actions for career attorneys at the Department of Justice that arise from Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) investigations, DOJ said.

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