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Democratic San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, appointed after former Mayor Gavin Newsom resigned to become Lieutenant Governor of California, originally pledged not to run in this November's mayoral election. But in August he reversed his decision -- and now we know why: He's simply too legit to quit.

At least, so say musicians and MC Hammer, along with San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson and others, in a new web video.

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The birther website World Net Daily might have gotten the publishing rights to Jack Abramoff's forthcoming memoir, but Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller gets to host the book party.

Invites are out for a Nov. 15 event at Carlson's D.C. home, where they'll toast Abramoff's new book: Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist, which drops Nov. 1.

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Talk about your unforced errors.

Former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney stopped by a phone bank staffed by Republican faithful today to cheer on their efforts trying to stop the repeal of SB 5. The bill curtails collective bargaining rights. Supporters say the law is necessary to contain the state budget, and is set to face a referendum vote on November 8th. The bill was passed by the Republican Legislature, signed by the Republican Governor, and has the support of many conservative groups who are on the ground in Ohio trying to stave off the repeal vote.

So when Romney showed up to rally the pro-SB 5 political operation, it was a bit of a shock to conservatives who have been working to stop repeal when he said the following, picked up by CNN:

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At the request of the Senate Finance Committee, the Congressional Budget Office has produced a report analyzing trends in the distribution of household income from 1979 until 2007 -- just before the economy fell off a cliff.

The results will be familiar to economists and policy wonks, but they're eye-popping. These charts and graphs tell a story of a massive income growth in the Reagan and post-Reagan years, and particularly during the George W. Bush administration -- but only for the famous 1 percenters.

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Mark Block, the chief of staff for Herman Cain and star of unconventional campaign Web video -- in which he pumps up supporters, and then smokes a cigarette with the sort of tough-guy look that people see in the movies -- was asked about the video during an appearance Tuesday afternoon on Fox News.

"The message behind the ad was to our supporters that we're on a roll, we're excited about what's happening," Block told Megyn Kelly. "There was no subliminal message -- in fact, I personally would encourage people not to smoke. It's just that I'm a smoker, and as a lot of the people on the staff said, 'just let Block be Block.'

"That's what it was all about -- to tell people that the Cain message is resonating across America, whether it's 9-9-9, or whether it's the new opportunity zones rollout in Detroit last week. The campaign's on a roll, and the momentum's with us, and we want people to get involved."

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The new CBS/NYT poll has promising numbers for supporters of Occupy Wall Street: 43 percent of those polled say they agree with the views of the movement, while 27 disagree. 30 percent have no opinion. Also, 66% believe that “wealth should be more evenly distributed.”

From the CBS/NYT analysis: “Those most likely to say they agree with the movement include people under age 30, Democrats, liberals and those with more education. But the movement also appeals to significant numbers of other demographic groups: nearly half of moderates, and a similar percentage of independents, say they agree with the movement, as do 43% of those age 30 to 64.”

Curiouser and curiouser.

That might as well be the theme animating Herman Cain's campaign today. Hours after a perplexing Web video surfaced of Cain chief-of-staff Mark Block touting his boss's unifier credentials while smoking a cigarette, a pro-Cain super PAC has released its own strange wed video -- this one seeking to tread the line between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

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