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So a guy stands up on behalf of Rick Perry and tells a bunch of reporters that Mitt Romney is in a cult Friday. He also tells reporters that Perry personally welcomed the endorsement, which he certainly seemed to on stage at VVS. Team Perry doesn't entirely reject the guy but does reject the view that Mormonism is a cult.

Pretty great stuff if you're a guy running against Perry, right? Not if you're Herman Cain -- he'd rather not talk about it.

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Late on Friday Texas Gov. Rick Perry got the endorsement from a conservative Dallas pastor. It probably wouldn't have been the most eventful development, except that Dr. Robert Jeffress has described Mormonism as a "cult." And that just happens to be the religion of Perry's chief rival for the Republican nomination for President, former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney.

Was it an attack? Perry's spokesperson Mark Miner said no. "He [Perry] does not believe it is a cult," Miner said after the governor personally accepted Jeffress's endorsement and was introduced by him at the Values Voters Summit in Washington on Friday.

But will Perry's new supporter help him within the GOP primary and possibly to the White House?

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Attorney General Eric Holder said in a letter to Congress on Friday that the accusation that he lied about his knowledge of ATF's Fast and Furious program is irresponsible "political posturing."

Holder wrote that he could not "sit idly by" as Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) "suggests, as happened this week, that law enforcement and government employees who devote their lives to protecting our citizens be considered 'accessories to murder.'"

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Google must not be too worried about fueling antitrust allegations, as the company is making inroads into yet another industry: The craft brewing industry.

On September 27, just days after Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt testified before the Senate Judiciary Antitrust subcommittee, Delaware craft beer company Dogfish Head began serving their new "URKontinent" beer, which combines ingredients on five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia) suggested by Googlers from the company's offices around the globe.

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From Ryan J. Reilly:

“I don’t believe it is,” Santorum said of the introduction given by Dr. Robert Jeffress, who contended Moromonism is a cult. “He’s allowed to believe what he wants to believe, I don’t believe that it is.”

When we ran into Newt Gingrich, he declined to weigh in. “I didn’t hear it, I’m not going to comment,” Gingrich said.

David Glove Cox is an unemployed socialist from Minneapolis. Darla Lilliey is a Ron Paul supporting lawyer from Texas. But last night, at the "Occupy D.C." protest a couple blocks from the White House, they were just two people upset with the federal government, opposed to the wars and hungry for some pizza.

I caught up with both of them seated on a patch of grass in Freedom Plaza as a poet read an anti-war song on the stage, a drum circle in full swing nearby. Regardless of whether Democrats try to get on board with the movement, the mix of disaffected Democrats coupled with libertarians might not want them.

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Rick Perry does not believe Mormonism is a cult. But he's not going to condemn his brand-new endorser who does.

That's the word from Team Perry after Southern Baptist Convention chief and Texas pastor Robert Jeffress endorsed Perry at the Voters Values Summit Friday and immediately set about claiming Mitt Romney is a member of a cult and is not a Christian.

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